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Meet our #AdTech Scale-Ups

Our 2024 PwC Scale AdTech Programme Cohort has launched and we’re excited to be working with our eight chosen scale-ups to help solve important problems for the Advertising industry. The programme is focused on tech or tech-enabled scale-ups that have solutions for brands, publishers, media and entertainment organisations within the UK and internationally. Having assessed over 1000 tech companies, we are excited to be working with our cohort of 8.

Meet our 2024 cohort below.

What is PwC Scale?

The programme is delivered in collaboration with GrowthBuilders over 12 weeks, and has been designed to bring together industry leaders and AdTech scale-ups to enable collaboration, co-creation and partnerships to tap into new ways of enabling profitability, growth and innovation.

During the programme the AdTech scale-ups will benefit from a world class business curriculum designed to build fast growth, long lasting businesses, covering topics such as sales and marketing, operational growth, fundraising, and leading through growth.

They also gain access to experts from across PwC’s TMT practice.

The programme culminates with two virtual, external pitch events where the 8 AdTech scale-ups present their value propositions to PwC, their large clients and wider industry leaders. See how to register below.


First AI-powered platform that offers live reporting across key social platforms, on/off toggle for spend optimisation and a platform for real-time user-generated creative content from customer reactions and trends.

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Monetizr is an in-game mobile advertising platform that’s changing the way brands reach their audiences. Already working with major CPG brands like Procter & Gamble, Monetizr delivers immersive brand experiences that drive consumer engagement at scale.

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Novatiq partners with telcos to enable publishers and brands to consistently recognise online users and improve consumer digital experiences by ensuring advertising is personalised and relevant, steering clear of spam. Importantly, this is achieved whilst protecting consumer privacy.

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Provide dev tools to build a robust influencer marketing application where you can onboard verified creators, track content performance, and measure campaign ROI seamlessly. Our complete product suite is tailor-made for connecting with the right influencers and getting the most out of brand campaigns.

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Combines the high performance of stories with the scale and control of paid advertising. Our product allows clients to access journalistic quality creators and stories, and easily leverage those stories on social and ad platforms to drive the KPIs most important to them.

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SKNUPS is a specialist gaming marketing agency that connects premium brands with hard-to-reach Gen Z consumers. Clients including Dolce & Gabbana and Moncler partner with SKNUPS to deliver campaigns that engage millions of players.

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Streamline production of your advertising content with trigr - the management software for creative media. The platform allows media production teams to simultaneously manage budgets and suppliers alongside standard project management – all in one centralised system. Customers see increased efficiency, cost savings, and increased profit margins.

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TVision Insights

Uses cutting edge technology to measure what was once unmeasurable - how people really watch TV, person-by-person, second-by-second. We use that capability to provide brands with performance metrics that enable them to better plan, measure and optimise their TV Investment.

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“It gives me great pleasure to announce the latest edition of our PwC Scale | AdTech programme. Given the challenging macroeconomic backdrop and disruptive technology changes from GenAI, it is more important than ever to be thinking about innovation to stay ahead of the game. From a group of over 1,000 AdTech firms, we have selected eight exceptional firms to which we will be providing access to advice, bespoke support and client networking events. Scale is a really important platform for us - we want to meet interesting high growth businesses driving innovation in the sector. I'm excited to follow this intake and work with them to continue to drive transformation within the Advertising industry.”

Dan BunyanMedia Strategy, Strategy& Partner, PwC UK

Interested in attending our virtual ‘PwC AdTech Innovation Event’?

The 60-minute event showcases the 8 AdTech scale-ups. Each scale-up will have 4 minutes to pitch their value proposition. If a solution presented is of interest to you have the option to request a direct introduction via the event software.

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