Cyber security risk advisory

As your organisation adapts to new challenges and opportunities, you need clarity on how to confidently manage cyber risks and regulations. Our technical, industry and legal expertise means we can help you create a principles-based framework for governing cyber risks, which enables you to make confident, data-driven decisions and maintain resilient operations.

Our data-driven approaches and tools accurately measure cyber risk in both qualitative and quantitative terms, helping you assess and mitigate the potential business impact of cyber security threats. Alongside risk reduction and regulatory compliance, we ensure your cyber security strategy supports your business priorities, such as digital transformation, new product launches, or expansion into new territories.

Benefits of a data-driven approach to cyber risk

Make confident decisions

By having a quantified understanding of cyber risks, you can make more confident, proactive decisions that help achieve your strategic objectives.

Prioritise investments

Deliver cost efficiencies by prioritising cyber security investment based on a clear understanding of the business risks.

Stay agile

Adapt quickly to new challenges or opportunities without exposing your organisation to increased cyber risks.

Ensure operational resilience

Ensure your organisation stays resilient to cyber security threats and that your security posture supports your business goals.

Cyber security strategy and risk management services

Risk management and governance

Businesses can’t avoid cyber risk. Instead they need to proactively measure and mitigate those risks, so they have clarity on the decisions that matter. This requires a structured approach that defines the risk management and control frameworks underpinning your operational and cyber risk appetite. By using these frameworks to continually assess cyber risks and regulatory compliance, you can confidently adapt to new challenges and opportunities.

We provide a range of services to help you develop and implement a cyber risk strategy that reflects the evolving cyber security threat landscape and aligns with your strategic goals:

  • Strategy and target operating model
  • Policy, procedures, standards and controls
  • Cyber risk framework and strategy
  • Regulatory compliance or remediation

Controls assurance

There are a number of factors that underpin an organisation’s cyber security posture and ability to mitigate risk. Only by understanding the full spectrum of controls and capabilities can an organisation assess its cyber security maturity and identify priority areas. Our cyber controls assurance services combine our global client experience with a benchmarking assessment of your controls against industry standards such as NIST and ISO 27000, giving you clarity on how to improve your cyber resilience.

These include:

  • Independent maturity assessment and benchmarking
  • Automated control assessment
  • Supply chain assurance
  • Emerging technology cyber risk assessment

Risk reporting

Cyber security teams often struggle to frame risk in a broader business context, and the C-suite don’t always fully understand the potential ramifications of failing to properly mitigate cyber security risk. Businesses need an accurate view of cyber security risks that can be understood by all so it’s clear which decisions are a priority. We can help you strategically reduce cyber security risk and build resilient operations by assessing your cyber security maturity and building a principles-based governance framework.

Our data-driven approach to cyber security risk measurement and reporting ensures you continue to get actionable information that can be understood from the frontline to the boardroom. We create tangible insights that enable you to track the impact of risk reduction activities. Our services include:

  • Cyber reporting design and implementation
  • Scenario threat analysis
  • Automated cyber risk reporting
  • Automated metrics enablement
  • Mitre™ dashboarding
  • Advanced risk measurement approaches (including value at risk analysis and automated controls assessment)


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