Raise for Investors: How can a relationship with PwC Raise benefit my fund?

PwC Raise understands that investors are constantly focused on building deal flow - but it takes time to sift through investment pitches and proposals. We work closely with our investor network to ensure we introduce them to clients of ours that are well-matched with their investment thesis.

Don’t just take our word for it:

“The PwC Raise | Ventures team were instrumental in helping us complete a recent equity fundraise. They helped with the negotiations, provided specialist advice and generally smoothed the deal process. They were also a pleasure to work with!” —Maria Wagner, Investment Director, Beringea

“Not only are the PwC Raise | Ventures team great people to work with, but also their black book is second to none. The success of the fundraising programme speaks for itself, but I’m always impressed by the quality that the team curates and then helps through the difficult process of raising this stage of capital.” —James Lewis, Persictus LLP

“PwC Raise | Ventures are a great team aimed at supporting companies through the often daunting task of preparing to raise external funds and then connecting them to a network of potential investors and peers. The team has successfully built a vibrant community of entrepreneurs and investors and we have seen a number of really interesting opportunities through the Raise events.” —Kimberley Martin, Boost&Co

If you would like to begin building a relationship with the Raise team today, please fill out the form and one of our team will be in touch with you shortly.