We are recommending that all customers check their debit/credit card purchase protection arrangements.  If customers do not receive a refund via this route they should submit a claim into the administration.  Details of how to submit a claim are set out on our website  under the “creditor section”.

Unfortunately once the company entered administration, it ceased to operate as it had previously.

Details on the potential returns to creditors and the likely timing are set out in our proposals document which is available to all creditors on our website.  For unsecured creditors, which is the category of creditor that is relevant to customers, we estimate a very small return with payment expected in 12 - 24 months time.

What has happened?

Like many retailers, but in particular those selling big-ticket products, the Company has been heavily impacted by significant decline in consumer spending from cost of living pressures, rising import costs and continuing supply chain pressures.

After a challenging period and to protect value for the Company’s creditors as a whole, Rachael Wilkinson, Peter Dickens and Zelf Hussain were appointed as Joint Administrators of Design Ltd on 8 November 2022.

Will I still receive my order?

Customer orders which are already within the delivery network with delivery service providers who have agreed to continue supporting the Company in administration should be delivered this week. Unfortunately, those orders which are still in production and/or are not currently available for dispatch will not be delivered. 

All* orders which were already within the delivery network should have been delivered. Unfortunately those orders that were not in the delivery network will not be delivered. If you did not receive your order and have not asked for a delivery date which has not yet passed, then unfortunately your order will not be fulfilled and we ask that you please follow the guidance on how to register your claim in the administration if you are unable to claim via your credit/debit card provider.

*There are a small number of UK customers whose orders will still be fulfilled but their selected delivery date has not yet passed. We therefore ask that you follow the above guidance once your expected delivery date has passed.

I have not received my order, what can I do? 

Customers whose products will not be delivered are reminded to check their credit and debit card purchase protection agreements. 

If you do not receive your order and you are unable to claim through your credit or debit card provider, you are what is referred to as a creditor of the Company and you can submit a claim to the Administrators. Please see information on how to submit your claim in the Creditors section of our website

What is your returns policy? Can I have a refund?

While we appreciate it’s disappointing, we can’t offer refunds or exchanges and we are not taking returns. If you are seeking a refund for a faulty item, please see below.

If the item I purchased is faulty can I return it?

We understand it may cause frustration but unfortunately, we are unable to accept returns for faulty goods. If you are due a refund for a faulty item that was purchased prior to the appointment of the Administrators, and the return is in line with the terms and conditions of the purchase, you can submit a claim to the Administrators. Details of how to file a claim can be found on the creditors section of the website.


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