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Perform Plus

An amazing business starts with amazing teams. With Perform Plus we’re helping organisations to support wellbeing, drive ongoing connection and maintain productivity across teams as hybrid ways of working become the new normal.

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Find out what Perform Plus is

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What is Perform Plus?

Perform Plus is PwC’s award winning operational excellence approach powered by smart technology and data. Through coaching using the Perform Plus platform we deliver results by changing behaviours and increasing team leader and member capability.

Perform Plus puts people at the heart of the organisation, building engagement and empowering staff to be more productive, adopt new ways of working and new technologies, to better serve customers and generate more income.

Capturing thousands of data points from each user every year, Perform Plus defines the traits of high performing teams and individuals in your business. Advanced people and workforce insights help you to understand the relationship between behaviours, performance, sentiment and skills, to inform decision-making and help you define the interventions that matter most in your business.

Improving productivity at Sage

The UK workforce of business software provider Sage, which includes around 1,000 customer-facing employees, switched to remote working in March. They had also been using Perform Plus for more than a year, and after the switch, the tool helped teams retain their “community way of working” during lockdown.

“They may have been working from home, but there was still a tight connection within the team,” said Jon Cummins, VP of services and customer success at Sage, which is headquartered in Newcastle, England. The huddles that formed the core of the platform were held virtually. “This meant that ideas could still be shared, and people could ask their colleagues how they were dealing with specific situations. It meant that a sense of community was maintained within the Teams,” Cummins said. The results were encouraging. According to Cummins, “The accessibility of our customer service teams over that time remained strong and we saw our teams resolve a high rate of resolution to our customers queries.

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How to improve productivity with Perform Plus

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How Perform Plus can help

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Bring team members together. Share insights, information and support each other to bring organisation-wide continuity and connection in a mobile world. Create connected and productive teams working in remote, home and hybrid environments.

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Use gamification to unlock team members’ potential by motivating behaviours and recognising achievements. Align around a shared vision to build team engagement. Bring excitement to the everyday with personalised goals and meaningful rewards.

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Get greater visibility of what teams are working on through coaching around personal and group dashboards. Support teams communicate more effectively, solve problems and make decisions - from employees to executives.

Going beyond a digital whiteboard

Perform Plus’ digital huddle-boards enable people anywhere in the world to check in, connect and collaborate! Advanced analytics and intelligent gamification keep teams engaged in the platform and show teams new ways to do better, enhance coaching and problem solve more. 

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See how Perform Plus works

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