Junction. Insight driven. Tech accelerated.

Data-fuelled, digital delivery platform, connecting your team with our Deals practitioners in real-time.

Junction is the online delivery platform where our experienced Deals team delivers intuitive and interactive perspectives and analysis to our clients in real-time.

Reimagine the way you approach your next deal

Junction is where clients can interact with data to test different deal scenarios, focus on hypotheses and the points critical to the deal. And it’s where clients can give feedback and ask questions about the perspectives our experienced global practitioners provide.

With increased client connectivity, clients are at the intersection of insights and communication and are always connected to the deal — no matter where the client is located or what device is being used clients can make more confident decisions throughout the deal’s lifecycle.

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Introduction to Junction

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Explore the next evolution in Deals

Focus on the deal

See the big picture and the details that support it

Junction brings together all the elements of a deal into a central, cloud-based platform that provides a straightforward, transparent and comprehensive view of the deal.

With one place to access all of the deal’s analysis and insights, as well as the thinking that ties it all together, everyone’s on the same page and concentrated on the points critical to the deal.

Real-time communication

Connect to PwC’s expertise at deal speed

Junction brings together Deals specialists with multidisciplinary perspectives and cross-markets experience who can quickly compile a consolidated point of view on a clients deal. Junction enables clients and PwC to communicate at any time, directly through the platform. Junction streamlines sharing, enables real-time collaboration across PwC teams and our clients, helping our clients feel more supported and letting them make better and more informed decisions earlier.

Actionable insights

Sharp, data-backed thinking to guide you

We believe data is as smart as the analysis it enables and analysis is as sharp as the insights it leads to.

That’s why Junction was built with advanced visualisation tools so clients can explore data sets and toggle between scenarios to see the cause and effect between the deal’s sources of value, evaluate the potential impacts to the deal and see the connections between it all. With Junction, clients will have the inputs needed to make informed decisions.

What the clients are saying

(Junction client research, March 2021)

“Overall, I think it's a very good idea, exactly what we should be doing. Definitely differentiated from anything I've seen before. I can see once you get used to it, after you know how to use it, it's a reason to not use another provider but use PwC because I've got this platform I'm used to. Overwhelmingly positive.”

Investment Manager, PE, UK

“I would get a lot of value from this (KFA overview). I don't get into the detail; with this, I don't have to go through every single page and table in a 90 page report. I can see the key items and how we can deal with them. That's great! And I can drill down if I need to, it's there.”

Partner, PE, UK

“The principle of real time, live reporting, I really like. We prefer to work very closely rather than having something pop up at the end!”

Partner, PE, UK
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