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Healthier people perform better, cost less and cause fewer organisational risks. Work Well improves your employees’ wellbeing to make your business more productive and profitable.

Improve your business outcomes and productivity

The UK has a major productivity problem. This was addressed by the Chancellor in the Autumn Statement in 2016, where he highlighted how far behind the UK economy is in comparison to our continental neighbours. Although we are all struggling to gain a clear understanding of the underlying issues behind the lack of productivity in the UK, what is clear is that happier and healthier people perform better, stay in the business longer, cost less and cause fewer organisational risks.

Work Well helps employees and managers make behavioural changes that improve business outcomes and your productivity.

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Is your business:

Work Well helps managers to identify, support and resolve wellbeing issues through gathering team level data and trends that affect wellbeing. This information can then be used to make targeted and effective changes, which can be further monitored to demonstrate progress. The platform also helps to drive productivity at the individual level through helping employees identify and take ownership of change, big or small, to ensure they are their best selves inside and outside of work. We combine outputs from both the manager and the individual to help the organisation understand where it will see the strongest returns on workforce investments to support long-term productivity gains.

Regulators are increasingly citing employee wellbeing as a failing factor within business resilience. Work Well can help demonstrate remedial activity, whilst providing the most advanced data on your workforce to ensure that you get an accurate warning on where your workforce may be falling outside of the safe zone.

Our employee tool ‘My Wellbeing’ underpins all Work Well programmes and helps employees understand the biggest stressors on their wellbeing. The tool provides tailored support through access to coaches, e-learn courses and integrates with existing organisation support networks such as EAP, benefits and wellbeing materials/content. The tool is anonymous but allows you to track adoption levels, ‘stickability’ and topics that are of most interest to employees.

All Work Well programmes have a focus on reducing absence and attrition costs and can include a review of your current occupational health spend. The programme focuses on aggregating data supplied by employees via the ‘My Wellbeing’ tool and addressing underlying issues that are causing employees to be absent or consider leaving – we then rapidly deploy interventions that begin to hit the bottom line within 3 weeks.

The ‘My Wellbeing’ platform is designed to integrate with your current internal systems and benefits platforms. It also seamlessly links with most wearable devices and brings all of these features together in one easily-accessible platform.

Work Well can help your organisation to perform better while improving the employee experience

Work Well is a workforce improvement programme that is tailored to your organisation. It improves productivity, reduces costs and helps you to mitigate regulatory risks – all while improving the employee experience. It does this by focusing on employees, managers and the organisation:

  • Employees - receive a direct intervention that raises self-awareness and tailored support to change a particular behaviour to help even those who are ‘healthy’ be the best version of themselves.
  • Managers - receive training on how to handle difficult conversations and spot wellbeing issues. They also receive a dashboard to track team issues and progress and join working sessions with peers to agree actions they can implement to improve identified issues.
  • Organisation - leaders receive a dashboard showing progress against KPIs. They also receive a report after 12 weeks outlining key opportunities for further improvements including quick wins to boost productivity, engagement and cost management based on the data driven insights gathered.

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