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PwC Legal’s ESG event series explores how Legal and Governance professionals can stand up to new expectations and responsibilities to help their organisations deliver against enterprise wide ESG strategies.

Across a number of months, Teresa Owusu-Adjei, Head of Legal along with PwC colleagues and clients showcased in a series of virtual events how each of the elements of ESG can be used to deliver an enlightened purpose, take advantage of the transformational opportunities that ESG presents and navigate reputational and operational liabilities.

Join us to hear insights from our recorded discussions, deep dive into each element of ESG and explore topics relevant to the future of ESG across the Legal functions and more.

Catch up on the second instalment of our ESG event series

Environmental: Why legal professionals need to help upskill management teams and Boards on environmental compliance and policy

Date: Livestreamed on 15th March 2022

Teresa Owusu-Adjei, Head of Legal, was joined by an expert panel of PwC Partners and Directors to discuss the key legal and business issues for General Counsel and Company Secretaries in relation to the new mandatory ESG reporting requirements (in line with the TCFD; Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures recommendations) from April 2022.

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Social: How behavioural, cultural and societal shifts are driving General Counsel, HR directors and CoSecs to focus on supporting their Boards to engage effectively with their stakeholders

Date: Livestreamed on 26th April 2022

Explore the ‘S’ - Social element of ESG. Host Teresa Owusu-Adjei, Head of Legal and a panel of PwC experts were joined by Anna Wallace, Partner at Hanbury Strategy as they explored how legal can work with boards to engage with stakeholders including the workforce and supply chain. There were also frank discussions on key societal issues including modern slavery, ethinicity pay gap and diversity & inclusion.

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Governance: Explore the regulations that are causing Boards, Investors and Regulators to evaluate their approaches to assessing ESG risks across the UK and EU

Date: Livestreamed on 18th May 2022

Take a deep dive into Governance. Catherine Davey, Head of Subsidiary Governance at bp joined Teresa Owusu-Adjei, Head of Legal and our PwC expert panel to ask “How will ESG regulations drive enhanced governance standards?”

This formed the basis of discussion around how regulations and corporate reporting, with new requirements for assurance, are causing Boards, Investors and Regulators to evaluate their approaches to assessing ESG risks and focus on new approaches to Governance across the UK and EU.

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ESG Transformation: Delivering an enlightened purpose through embracing transformation and change of the Legal and Company Secretarial function

Date: Livestreamed on 14th June 2022

In the final event in the series, host Teresa was joined by Carl Sizer, Partner, Management Board member and UK Head of Regions and Platforms, PwC, Matt Timmons, Legal Partner and Alison Horrocks, Chief Corporate Affairs Officer and Company Secretary, Inmarsat.

The session wrapped up elements of the entire series and turned discussions towards the future of ESG transformation. In addition, we explored the initial results of our recent ESG Legal survey and how these themes linked to the importance of delivering purpose through transformation of the Legal and Company Secretarial function.

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