Technology, Media and Telecommunications

Trends shaping the Technology, Media and Telecoms sectors

The Technology, Media and Telecoms industries are going through an exciting period of growth, disruption, and business model transformations.

Key themes which straddle these industries include:

  • The increasing convergence of solutions.
  • The growth of digital, big data and the cloud.
  • A need to reinvigorate legacy business models to adapt to this new world (pricing, services, customer relationships) and remain competitive in the face of new, more nimble players entering their markets.

Investment decisions require a closer assessment of the skill sets required to thrive in this new environment: a company's agility, customer relationships, pricing models, its product life cycle, and who it partners with. And where investments involve third party providers of debt or equity, how can they get comfortable with the company's ability to execute successfully in this new world, and how quickly can it make the transition, and make it stick?

Why PwC?

We are a team of strategy consultants working across M&A and corporate strategy for clients in the technology, media and telecoms sectors.

  • We bring PwC’s reputation for independence and rigour to strategic planning and investment appraisal.
  • We ensure that major strategic decisions such as acquisitions, disposals, new projects and new market entry are based on a sound understanding of the commercial environment, industry landscape and how it might impact future performance.
  • Our analysis, advice and conclusions are objective, practical and financially-grounded. 

All of which means we reduce uncertainty in our clients’ business decisions, and maximise the chances of achieving a successful outcome. We help you make strategic decisions based on an independent assessment of commercial risk and opportunity.



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