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Volunteering and flexible working

Sam Mills is literally a life-saver. He started volunteering with the South Central Ambulance Charity in January 2021 and has been able to fit in the time around his working hours, taking advantage of the firm’s flexible approach to working.

Setting the scene

Charities serve our communities in such a variety of ways. They are always on the lookout for volunteers with a diverse range of backgrounds, skills and experiences. With such a huge range of skills available across our firm, we believe it’s important to make it as easy as possible for people like Sam to take their enthusiasm and expertise back into the community.

How we helped

As a First Responder, Sam is trained in emergency care, doing whatever is necessary to support a casualty until the more advanced crews get there. Working in a small radius from their homes, First Responders like Sam can get to places more quickly than ambulances. With the ambulance service often at full stretch, they're there to bridge a gap and provide front-line emergency care for people in their time of need.

Our approach, Empowered Flexibility, means that our people can each decide on their most effective working pattern on any given day. Looking at his week’s work and in conversation with his team, Sam is generally able to schedule times for his volunteering hours without difficulty, often at short notice, which suits him and the Ambulance Charity perfectly.

Sam Mills

”I always wanted to be a paramedic when I was younger, but I ended up choosing a different path and now I’m a project manager with PwC. The firm is extremely flexible over my working hours, so I can organise the volunteering time quite easily, and I’ve clocked up over 200 hours this year already.”

Sam Mills, Project manager

Making a difference

Sam is just one example. Many of our people support charities close to their hearts by giving time and fundraising, and get support from the firm to do so. We provide matched giving for fundraisers through our Community Stars programme, and everyone has the option of taking time off for volunteering activities.

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