PwC supports Tech She Can to become an award-winning charity

Just four years on from its initial creation, the Tech She Can charity now brings together the collective experience and expertise of 235 member organisations to tackle the talent shortage and lack of diversity in UK technology. Here, Sheridan Ash MBE, Founder and co-CEO of Tech She Can and Technology Innovation Leader at PwC, explores the charity’s first year and the role our firm has played in this journey.

Setting the scene

Sheridan Ash

Initially founded in 2018, as a collaboration between 18 organisations, including PwC UK, Tech She Can celebrated its launch as an independent charity in September 2021. 

Our mission at Tech She Can is for women to play an equal role in creating the technology that shapes our world. Starting out as The Tech She Can Charter, we built robust foundations for achieving this aim, establishing a strong member base and developing a schools programme to inspire children, especially girls, about careers in technology. But, as momentum quickly grew, it became clear that we needed to change how we operated. And so we became a charity.

How we helped

PwC has been instrumental in supporting us throughout this journey - from commissioning the original research that set Tech She Can in motion and helping to found the original Charter, to providing funds and resources to support the new charity. Today, PwC plays a key role as one of our 14 strategic partners, with a trustee on our board.

Since becoming a charity, we’ve extended our Tech We Can schools programme, helping us educate more children across the UK about technology careers, especially in social mobility ‘cold spots’. Alongside existing lesson packs and online video lessons for children aged 8 - 14, we’ve created a series of animated lessons for younger children, including one on drones sponsored by PwC. The animations have been well received, and won first prize at the 2022 Global Vega Digital Awards in the animation and education categories.

We’ve also developed our Tech We Can Champions volunteer programme to reach even more children, training individuals within member organisations to deliver our lessons in schools. 

PwC has been actively involved in this initiative, with over 50 volunteers joining the programme. Together with our champions, we’ve taught over 10,000 students in classrooms around the UK in the last four months alone.

Ben Higgin

"PwC is committed to improving educational opportunities and pathways into work for all - and Tech She Can's work aligns perfectly with this aim. It's great to see the impact the charity is having, working with its broad member base to bring technology careers to those who might not consider them. As technology's influence continues to grow across almost every aspect of our lives, it’s vital that we have a diverse range of people developing our technology products and services so that they work for everyone and for society."

Ben Higgin, Tech She Can trustee and PwC UK Executive Board member and UK Head of Technology & Investments

Making a difference

With a lack of visible role models often cited as a key barrier for women and girls pursuing a career in technology, we launched our Young Women in Tech campaign earlier this year, in collaboration with Workfinder, The Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport, everywoman and WeAreTechWomen. The relatable role models we feature dispel tech career myths and highlight tech career pathways.

Work is also underway to extend our offering so we can support more girls and women at key moments throughout their careers - whether they’re school leavers, career-switchers, or women looking to return into the workforce later in life with reskilling needs.

Tech She Can is playing a critical role in solving the technology skills shortage that’s holding back growth and productivity in the UK economy.

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