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Turn your climate ambitions into action with technology

Technology is a critical enabler of a sustainable world. Whether you’re building or buying technology, and no matter your starting point, sustainability needs to be embedded in your decision-making.

The increase in sustainability reporting requirements and net zero transformation targets is becoming ever more complex to navigate and the pace of change will put your existing technology and data infrastructure to the test.

Maturing assurance requirements and sustainability regulation are changing the game when it comes to ESG data. Not only do you need to get a grasp of your own data, you also need to understand and evidence your impact across your supply chain.

We bring the right technology, together with the right people, to equip you with targeted, tailored solutions, enabling you to take a holistic approach to ESG technology, navigate regulatory requirements and deliver sustained outcomes. Through our alliance partnerships with leading platforms and proprietary digital tools, our human-led, tech-powered approach will move you from ambition to action.

“Technology is critical to accelerate the pace towards net zero and drive sustainable transformation. We’re empowering our clients with tech-enabled solutions that give them the reliable data and insights they need to move from ambition to action.”

Iain Anderson,PwC ESG Technology & Data Lead Partner

Using technology to deliver your sustainability ambitions

Real time data, long-term sustainability

Sustainability success starts with a clear understanding of where you are making progress, and where you can do more. Using smarter technologies, we’ll help you capture the metrics that matter. We’ll give you the data you need to go beyond meeting regulatory requirements, giving you insights across your entire value chain that allow you to focus on priorities for improvement and progress.

As well as charting your transformation to net zero, investing in insightful data will help you to make the case for change and reduce the time and cost of sustainability reporting, while improving its quality and accuracy. The business-wide value of getting it right has never been greater. Through accurate insights and solutions powered by precise, AI-driven data and analytics, you’ll be equipped with the confidence to lead your organisation forward and deliver both climate and commercial outcomes.

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Sustainability delivered with the power of cloud

Cloud technologies and data management can enable you to deliver automated and elevated ESG reporting, unlocking greater transparency across emissions reporting and carbon accounting.

A cloud-enabled, always-on response to reporting means you can report, adapt and pivot to new regulations and requirements with increased agility. In doing so, you’ll get ahead of competitors and signal to investors your commitment to profits with purpose.

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Improve quality and productivity with GenAI

GenAI, guided by human oversight, is enabling a faster, more efficient response to climate change as businesses look to navigate increasing disclosure requirements such as CSRD. We have embedded GenAI in our processes to drive improvements in quality and accuracy. Real-time insights can be presented to leaders and teams across the organisation, driving collective responsibility and enabling you to share and celebrate progress.

GenAI’s ability to digest large volumes of data enables a proactive response to risk management, as leaders face evolving climate risks and competing priorities. Technology investments and automated processes integrate reporting across the business, delivering informed decision making.

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The right technology, in the right hands

At PwC, we have close relationships with the market leaders in new ESG specific technologies, who are delivering innovative solutions to help organisations measure and meet their ESG goals. From carbon accounting, footprinting and reporting, to comprehensive risk assessment and complex data analysis, digital tools can be integrated across all stages of your ESG agenda to deliver impactful results.

The power of our in-house expertise, combined with our technology alliances, means your ESG ambitions can be realised swiftly and effectively.

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