Hourglass issue 28: Putting HR at the centre of your people strategy

In this edition we’re focusing on the many different aspects of performance management.

We ask how HR can get the best from people, and what the most appropriate methods for achieving this are – whether it’s a formal, objective-setting programme, or a more entrepreneurial, mentoring approach.

On page 12, we look at Netflix’s ‘culture deck’, a presentation which sets out the company’s refreshingly original approach to culture and performance. Shared values and trust in your employees are central to this.

You can read two extracts from this issue below

Talking points – diversity in the workplace

HR professionals are wearily familiar with discussions about diversity. But what does diversity mean in the modern workplace? Jon Andrews, Head of our Human Resource Services practice in the UK gives his insights following on from a recent HRD 100 Club event in the UK.

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Making better humans

There’s growing interest in ‘human enhancement' and the potential of drugs and chemical supplements to enhance employees and boost their performance and attention span. We speak to futurist and CEO of Future Research, Rohit Talwar, to hear his insights on the benefits and challenges of artificial performance enhancement.

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