Restructuring Update: Restructuring Update: Q3 2015


Restructuring Trends - restructuring activity in the third quarter of 2015.

UK Economic Outlook podcast discussing global, UK and regional economic prospects


UK Economic Outlook podcast discussing consumer spending and the future shape of UK exports

Brave new TV world


In this report we look at the changing nature of the UK television landscape. UK produced content is showcased around the globe and TV remains the most heavily consumed media. At the same time, the ways in which consumers interact with TV content and the structure of the industry itself is changing.

BEPS: Digital


The OECD’s BEPS Digital Economy Report summarises really well how the international tax system has developed. It deals with the concern that the international tax rules cannot cope with the new types of businesses which are being created to take advantage of the internet and, in particular, the mobile internet.

IFRS 9 for insurers: Stop press update – October 2015


Will you defer IFRS 9 or apply the overlay approach to remove volatility based on IASB’s current proposals?

BEPS: Transfer pricing documentation and country by country reporting


Action 13 significantly increases transparency over multinational taxpayers. It introduces three layers of TP documentation. A master file giving an overall perspective on the business, a local file containing information for each country, and a country by country reporting file. CBCR will be introduced for UK companies with revenues over £568 million from 2016.

BEPS: Risks and capital


The OECD's BEPS paper on risks and capital is now out. It aims to prevent base erosion by artificially transferring risks or allocating excessive capital within a multinational group. This will be particularly relevant for those groups that operate an entrepreneur or principal model, groups in capital intensive industries or where the management of risk is a critical part of the value chain.

Beyond letting go: the role of central government in a decentralised world


With decentralisation high on the agenda in the run up to the Spending Review, PwC explores if the role of central government in transitioning to and operating in an asymmetrical decentralised environment.

Low Carbon Economy Index 2015: Conscious uncoupling? - Download section


In December, Governments meet in Paris to agree how to tackle climate change. The deal is expected to have far reaching implications, affecting energy, transport, industry, buildings and finance. It will change investment decisions made by companies and spending decisions made by consumers.

Video: Our interns pitch their ideas for transforming tomorrow’s healthcare


What practical innovation could transform healthcare? PwC’s summer 2015 interns pitch their ideas

Local State We’re In 2014


Our fourth annual local government survey looks to the future of the council in 2015 and beyond.

Spending on UK infrastructure forecast to increase to £110bn ($182bn) by 2025


PwC, with Oxford Economics, has updated forecast spending figures for UK capital projects and infrastructure to 2025.

IPO Watch Q1 2015


PwC European IPO Watch Q1 2015 report, trends and analysis of Q1 2015 European IPO activity

Facing the future of Risk


Facing the future of risk - How financial services firms can get risk-ready

Notice of Distribution – Informal Guidance Note – 29 May 2015


Notice of Distribution – Informal Guidance Note – 29 May 2015