UK Corporate Governance Code: Raising the bar on risk management

For boards, the incentive to become resilient goes well beyond merely avoiding disaster and complying with the FRC UK Governance code. Companies that are confident in their risk management have the confidence to be more enterprising and entrepreneurial, thereby not only identifying risks but also seizing opportunities.
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Gateway to innovation and engagement: Making good on the guidance guarantee

The guidance guarantee will help the millions of people approaching retirement without pension advice to have access to free and impartial guidance. How can your business make good on the guidance guarantee?

A new chapter for executive pay

In this paper we explore the results of the 2014 AGM season, analysing the voting outcomes for all FTSE100 AGMS and how the new regulations on the disclosure of executive remuneration have impacted remuneration policy.

Who’s Accountable Now?

Who’s to blame when public services go wrong? Who takes the credit when the economy picks up? Our latest Talking Points publication, Who’s Accountable Now, analyses who the public hold accountable for the economy and public services.

The new limited partnership regime in Luxembourg

PwC Legal discusses the the new limited partnership regime for companies based in Luxembourg.

Solvency II implementation in the UK takes shape

This hot topic summarises HMT’s and PRA’s latest proposals for the implementation of Solvency II in the UK. It includes an initial set of national specific reporting together with details on the regulation of UK branches of third country insurers and the application of both matching and volatility adjustments.

Demystifying Pillar 3: Getting implementation on track

Solvency II Pillar 3 is set to put huge extra pressure on your reporting capabilities. Are you ready?

Demystifying Pillar 3: Ready to be judged

Analysts are already pressing for details of Solvency II disclosure. How will your business come across?

Demystifying Pillar 3: Bringing technology up to speed

Selecting and implementing the technology for Solvency II Pillar 3 is a potential minefield. What’s the right course?

The rise of multichannel networks: Critical capabilities for the new digital video ecosystem

Video viewing habits are evolving rapidly, not just in mature markets, but globally, and especially among younger audiences. That explains the rise of multichannel networks (MCNs) — outfits that curate their own video content and partner with video websites to distribute it.

Client Assets (CASS): can firms comply on 1 July?

Analysing the impact of changes made to the FCA client assets (CASS) protection rules for investment firms.

Communications Review - finding value for the consumer

In the July 2014 issue of Communications Review, we present, ‘Finding value for the consumer’. Here, our authors present the results of a survey conducted by PwC India and a leading business school to understand consumer value.

A tax system fit for the future

A paper from Andrew Sentence, PwC’s senior economic adviser on the need for a comprehensive reform of the UK tax system. Part of PwC’s Paying for tomorrow #FutureTax campaign.

Disconnected: Fixing the Business/IT Divide

Report showing how IT departments and business leaders need to work together to both benefit in a changing IT landscape

Protecting client assets – an update for asset managers

What the changes to CASS mean for asset managers