Renewing primary care: Lessons from the ChenMed model

Dr Craig Tanio, Chief Medical Officer of ChenMed, discusses the ChenMed model of primary care and potential lessons for the UK.
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Private health

Working with providers, banks and current and potential investors across a wide range of engagements in private healthcare.
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Moving people with purpose Modern mobility survey

Businesses worldwide are looking to mobility to help them tap into fast growth markets and develop the global mindset today's business leaders need. Our survey looks at how organisations are dealing with the challenges modern mobility brings and what they are doing to strengthen their capabilities.
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Good Jobs: A Demos and PwC essay collection

This Demos and PwC collection of essays brings together a wide range of contributors to share their views on what might be meant by ‘good jobs’.
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UK liquidity regulation redefined

This briefing summarises the key takeaways from the PRA proposal and considers some of the potential implications for UK financial institutions.

Is this Basel IV?

In 2014 the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision (BCBS) consulted on five revisions to Pillar 1 of the Basel III framework and clearly had the standardised approach in its sights. This note summarises each of the proposals and offers initial thoughts on the consequences.

What will the EU Banking Recovery and Resolution Directive (BRRD) change for UK financial institutions?

This Briefing focus on Recovery and Resolution Planning for banks and the impact for UK financial institutions of the new BRRD requirements.

Bail-in: bailing out the taxpayer

This Briefing focus on bail in provisions in the BRRD and the impact for UK financial institutions.

Enhancing Pillar 2 Capital

The Prudential Regulation Authority (PRA) published a Consultation Paper (CP1/15) on its approach to setting Pillar 2 capital requirements on 19 January 2015. The consultation runs until 17 April 2015.

PwC Women in Work Index

The UK rises four places to 14th position within the OECD, returning to its position in 2000.

Guide to Cyber Security

Find out what critical steps must be taken to develop an effective cyber security strategy and how you can protect what matters most and minimise the impact on your business.

UK 100 Group Financial Controllers’ Forum

How can the Finance function use technology opportunities for reporting and giving business insights

A crude awakening: what next for oil?

PwC’s Jeremy Webb and Rob Turner look at the potential short and medium term impacts of the oil price crash, and asks the billion dollar question: when will prices stabilise?

IPO Watch 2014 annual review

2014 - the most successful year since 2007

Too big to share anymore?

Most banks use shared services to a greater or lesser degree. This will vary from utilisation of staff or technology owned by one entity to process the transactions of others through to centralised ‘one bank’ shared services.