CBI/PwC Financial Services Survey - June 2015

UK financial services firms report strong domestic growth, but argue they’ve experienced a slump in productivity since the crisis.

Boosting your corporate immune system

Boosting your corporate immune system - building resilience in oil and gas

Spending on UK infrastructure forecast to increase to £110bn ($182bn) by 2025

PwC, with Oxford Economics, has updated forecast spending figures for UK capital projects and infrastructure to 2025.

IFRS 9 for insurers

IFRS 9 has an effective date of 2018 so now is the time to begin preparing implementation plans. We have set out some key areas for consideration to help you understand the impact on your business.

PwC’s new Golden Age Index – how well are countries harnessing the power of older workers?

Golden Age Index rates success of countries in harnessing economic power of older workers

Restructuring Update: Q1 2015

Restructuring Trends - restructuring activity in the first quarter of 2015.

Combatting Base Erosion and Profit Shifting ‘BEPS’

Combatting Base Erosion and Profit Shifting ‘BEPS’

Robust financial modelling for Oil & Gas companies

Robust financial modelling for Oil & Gas companies

UK final liquidity regulation has landed

This briefing summarises the key takeaways from the PRA policy and considers some of the implications for UK financial institutions.

Why you can’t scare bankers into doing the right thing

Trying to stamp out bad behaviour in financial services is creating a climate of fear. And that risks breeding more unethical conduct, not less - exactly the opposite of what regulators, businesses and the public want. The threat of fines, bonus clawbacks or prison hasn’t halted a string of misselling and market-rigging scandals.

Insurance 2020 and beyond: Necessity is the mother of reinvention

Insurance is facing more disruption than any other industry, posing threats for some and opening up promising commercial possibilities for others. What does this mean for your business? Are you equipped to compete?

Seven fundamentals to drive excellence in oil and gas operations

A study of what creates operational excellence across industry sectors shows company specific improvements reinforced by industry collaboration and an effective regulatory environment are. All are needed to achieve a step change in performance.

Corporate Governance in the Boardroom

Corporate Governance is not just an ethical responsibility for the board, but a strongly commercial one as well. Creating and sustaining effective corporate governance will generate a range of business benefits that combine to create higher trust, stronger resilience and enhanced competitive edge.

Forces for change: the public’s view of defence

As we approach the Strategic Defence and Security, we survey the public on their views on the purpose and value of our Armed Forces.

Whitehall Matters: A collection of articles on the Spending Review

Our latest issue of Whitehall Matters includes a collection of articles looking ahead to the Spending Review 2015.