PwC's tax strategy and code of practice video HMRC consultation review

HMRC has now published its consultation on improving large business tax compliance on the detail of a series of new measures, which will have considerable impact on the way HMRC interact with large businesses across the UK.

Business Ethics: Doing the right thing

PwC’s ethics & compliance experts consider fraud, bribery & corruption, rebuilding trust & public perception

The housing association of 2020: distinctive by design

How can housing associations adapt to the new economic and policy context? Our Talking Points report explores the steps housing associations need to take to secure their future.

UK Economic Outlook July 2015: Services sector productivity growth

UK Services sector remains key driver of growth and trade. The UK has a highly services-oriented economy. Services make up nearly 80% of GDP and more than 80% of employment.

UK Economic Outlook July 2015: UK Economic Prospects

The UK economy expanded by 2.6% in 2014, its strongest growth rate since 2007. However, there was some loss of momentum in the final quarter of the year.

UK Economic Outlook July 2015: Summary report

Highlights and key messages for business and public policy.

PwC’s biennial Global Economic Crime Survey launched

We are pleased to announce the launch of the 2016 PwC Global Economic Crime Survey. Since its inception in 2001 the biennial survey has been one of the premier thought leadership publications on economic crime and we are excited to continue this important work.

The Beesley Lectures Sponsored By PwC

Analysing regulated industries

Being better informed: August 2015

This is landing page for the August 2015 Financial Services Centre of Excellence monthly regulatory bulletin

Being better informed: July 2015

This is landing page for the July 2015 Financial Services Centre of Excellence monthly regulatory bulletin,

Insurance Banana Skins 2015

The CSFI/PwC 2015 Insurance Banana Skins survey charts the top risks in global insurance. Find out why Cyber security is now a bigger concern than regulation for UK insurers.

Facing the future of Risk

Facing the future of risk - How financial services firms can get risk-ready

Basel III and beyond - the new Basel Standardised Approach to Counterparty Credit Risk

What does SA-CCR entail and what are the business impacts?

Insuring your digital future – creating a business strategy fit for the digital age

What does digital really mean for insurers? The real digital story isn’t about technology, it’s about business disruption.

The emerging capability every business needs

The art and science of enterprise resilience

Think fast: What’s the most important capability for businesses today?