Renewing primary care: Lessons from the ChenMed model

Dr Craig Tanio, Chief Medical Officer of ChenMed, discusses the ChenMed model of primary care and potential lessons for the UK.
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Pioneering the future: how higher education institutions can successfully navigate global working

Pioneering the future: how higher education institutions can successfully navigate global working

Getting to grips with FRS102 and the new housing SORP: how should housing associations prepare?

We set out the key issues that housing associations need to be aware of as they plan for the changes brought in by the new housing SORP.

Solvency II speeds up: approvals, matching adjustment and standard formula news

So what are the key messages and themes from the Solvency II conference held on October, where the PRA provided key information on what insurers must do to prepare for Solvency II in the months ahead? Our paper discusses the issues and the impact on your business as well as helping you understand what your next steps should be.

PRA requests assurance over Solvency II balance sheets

The PRA is requesting internal model and the larger standard formula firms to complete a two step review to provide the PRA with assurance over their Solvency II balance sheet, technical provisons and own funds. The first step is a ‘review and recommend’ report and the second step is an external ‘reasonable assurance opinion’.

Shifting to accountable care: characteristics and capabilities

International experience shows that the successful delivery of accountable care requires capability in eight key areas. Does your organisation have the capabilities it needs to deliver accountable care?

Ring-fencing: posts erected, panels to follow

PRA consultation paper on ring-fencing rules moves the topic towards the top of banks’ agendas.

The Public Matters – Autumn 2014

In this issue, we share the public's perspectives on reforming public services and dealing with the deficit, lifting living standards and delivering good growth and good jobs. We also explore the role of deliberative research in policy making, more widely.

Solvency II enters final countdown

On10 October the European Commission published the long awaited Solvency II Delegated acts. Although not yet final, these draft Regulations provide further clarity for insurers as they enter the last phase of preparation towards Solvency II compliance.

Household Bill Tracker Energy 2020

Our Energy 2020 Household Bill Tracker and infographic, analysing the UK energy agenda and tracking our progress against the 2020 target.

Sunshine on a rainy day: Why complaints can turn into competitive advantage

In this article, Mark Gossington, Partner in our Financial Services Risk and Regulation practice talks about how after years of struggling to keep complaints at bay, smart firms are coming to recognise that being able to handle complaints well can enhance customer outcomes and strengthen market reputation.

Communications Review - Innovation and collaboration: keys to the future

One of the greatest challenges in the communications industry is also our greatest opportunity: delivering constant innovation by collaborating with others to drive ongoing growth in revenues.

Changes to overseas VAT groups – the impact for HEIs

HE Matters Autumn 2014 - How a recent European Court of Justice decision is likely to create additional VAT costs for some Universities

Time to take action: Major changes to employee share plan compliance

An overview of employee share plans changes due to new legislation.

Increased expectations for the Italian non-performing loan (NPL) market

A review of the Italian non-performing loan market and the Italian banking system.