Blockchain is ready for business. Everyone is talking about blockchain. Businesses are benefiting from the use of blockchain in healthcare, supply chain, and many other industries. It has the potential to bring trust and transparency to interactions across business and societies. But it can be hard to know where to start. Our blockchain specialists can help.

Businesses are benefiting from the use of blockchain

Blockchain is one of the most exciting technologies to emerge in years. The possibilities are incredible, the use cases are everywhere and they reach across multiple sectors. The word ‘disruption’ is overused but in the case of blockchain the hype is justified. Blockchain is the real deal.

Blockchain technology may have emerged from cryptocurrencies and migrated to financial services, but today it’s disrupting business models all over the world, from supply chain to retail and healthcare. Blockchain is a great enabling technology that can solve problems affecting all organisations. How? By providing transparency, security and trust in transactions.

How our blockchain specialists can help you

Is blockchain the solution to your business challenge? Could it be the key to the big idea that moves your business to the next level?

We follow a four-step process. We assess your needs and determine whether blockchain technology can add value. Then we collaborate with you on a plan to meet those goals. We’ll be with you on the implementation journey to turn your plan into reality. And finally, we’ll be there after project delivery to support business change.

Do the situations below apply to your organisation? If your answer is ‘yes’ for four or more, blockchain could be an effective solution for you.

What is blockchain?

Blockchain is complicated. But you don’t need to understand how blockchain works or the details of consensus algorithms or private versus permissioned blockchains. What matters is that we do. Because it doesn’t start with the technology. It starts with a business need.

We can explain the business case for blockchain solutions without any jargon. Our blockchain team have been doing it for years. Recognising the incredible opportunities. Avoiding the pitfalls. Cutting through the hype.

We’ve worked on blockchain projects on payments, smart contracts, supply chain, distributed ledger technology (DLT) security and assurance, and digital identity.

And because we are technology agnostic, we aren’t tied to one platform or one supplier. It’s about finding the right solution for you.

Is blockchain right for your next challenge? We can help you be sure. We will work with you to structure the idea, validate the concept, develop the business case and bring your idea to life.

The blockchain platforms we’ve helped build are live. This is not proof of concept. We’ve helped clients deliver blockchain success on an enterprise scale.

Whether you’ve got a specific project in mind or you’re simply exploring the potential of blockchain, talk to us.

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