Scale | Tokenisation & Digital Assets (2024)

Meet our Tokenisation & Digital Assets Scale-ups

Our 2024 PwC Scale Tokenisation & Digital Assets Programme Cohort has launched and we’re excited to be working with our 11 chosen scale-ups to help solve important problems for the Financial Services industry. We are delighted to welcome companies spanning the globe to drive innovation within the sector. Meet our 2024 cohort below.

What is PwC Scale?

The programme is delivered in collaboration with GrowthBuilders over 12 weeks, and has been designed to bring together Financial Services industry leaders and Tokenisation & Digital Assets scale-ups to enable collaboration, co-creation and partnerships to tap into new ways of enabling profitability, growth and innovation.

During the programme the companies will be taken through a world class business curriculum designed to build fast growth, long lasting businesses, covering topics such as sales and marketing, operational growth, fundraising, leading through growth as well as exposure to trends driving the Financial Services Industry.

The programme concludes with the Scale | Tokenisation & Digital Assets Executive Evening, taking place on Wednesday 5th June at 16:00 at 7 More London, SE1 2RT, when the cohort will pitch to industry leaders from PwC’s global network of Financial Services clients. We will also be repeating the event again on 19th and 26th June virtually for global audiences. If you wish to attend the event, please register your interest.

Meet the Cohort


Alterscope provides the infrastructure for web3 to assess risk across blockchains, dApps, and liquidity pools.

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Decentralised Identities at Work.

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Create, sell and manage digital assets. Tokenization of RWAs made simple.

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True cold storage of blockchain and other digital keys protecting digital assets, accessible real-time, infinitely scalable.

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We provide A turnkey digital asset management platform for Hedge funds and wealth managers.

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Trust Stamp

We tokenise the identity of people, assets and transactions to eliminate fraud and ensure privacy.

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Truvity offers digital identity solutions that facilitate secure, compliant interactions and transactions online.

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Vidos simplifies digital identity orchestration with secure, scalable, and easy-to-integrate digital identifier and credential solutions.

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Venly offers secure Wallet-as-a-service infrastructure and tokenization APIs for any EVM compatible blockchain.

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Vertalo is a digital transfer agent/tokenization platform that connects and enables the digital asset ecosystem.

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Zoniqx focuses on creating blockchain solutions that enhance asset tokenization and trading infrastructure.

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“I am pleased to introduce our latest cohort of FinTech firms in the Scale | Tokenisation & Digital Assets program, each seeking to redefine the financial services landscape. From a pool of over 700 companies, we've handpicked 11 scale-ups primed to leverage tokenization's potential. Tokenization of assets is heralded as the next big breakthrough by industry titan, BlackRock CEO Larry Fink.

As our clients increasingly recognise the importance of collaboration with FinTechs, we're dedicated to fostering these partnerships, paving the way for transformative change in financial services. With these solutions, our large financial service clients can benefit in a number of ways including, saving time and money by streamlining internal transfers and transactions, reducing costs and processing times significantly. These solutions could unlock liquidity by transforming traditionally illiquid assets into liquid ones, help to broaden access to capital markets, or facilitate complex transactions by seamlessly transferring value between blockchain-based finance and traditional financial systems.

The Scale Programme aligns with our commitment to driving industry innovation as part of PwC’s New Equation to build trust, deliver sustained outcomes, and help clients solve their most important problems. We are thrilled to support these companies with tailored advice, bespoke support, and networking opportunities.”

Kevin King
Partner, PwC Scale | Tokenisation & Digital Assets Programme sponsor

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