UK Productivity Tracker

Tackling the UK's productivity puzzle

Reviving productivity is a key economic challenge for the UK, in which the industrials and services sector plays a crucial role. The Industrials and Services sectors are increasingly embracing technology and digitisation to decarbonise and pave the way for a greener, smarter future - one that boosts competitiveness and unlocks sustainable growth.

As investments in technology accelerate, our UK Productivity Tracker will analyse progress across industrial manufacturing, (automotive) and (aerospace), engineering and construction and business support services. We draw on our own quantitative research, including data from the Office for National Statistics (ONS), as well as our industry expertise and client insights, to offer broader perspectives of the UK's 'productivity puzzle'.  

UK Productivity Tracker

In this release, we spotlight the UK’s manufacturing sector, which has historically been a great engine of UK productivity growth, but like the rest of the economy has seen productivity growth slow since the global financial crisis.

Regional Productivity Tracker

Our latest Industrial Manufacturing and Services (IM&S) Productivity Tracker focuses on regional progress and priorities ahead.

We are committed to convening and supporting the Industrials and Services sectors in their bid for growth, and believe the right blend of leadership, collaboration and partnership can prompt greater investment and productivity across the value chain. With human insight, technology can be embraced and innovation enhanced to create a transparent and connected supply chain that streamlines operations, reduces costs and improves processes and efficiencies.

This human-led, tech-powered approach to productivity in the industry will:

  • Secure a skilled and motivated workforce, which is pivotal in driving productivity
  • Support decarbonisation goals to deliver value, enhance productivity and drive cost efficiency
  • Strengthen value creation by improving efficiency, profitability, and overall performance

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