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We understand the pressure you face to balance day-to-day challenges alongside a long-term, enduring strategy. Bringing together our diverse perspectives and technical expertise in new and creative ways, we’ll help you predict, prepare and adapt to change, so you can build trust and create experiences that protect value and deliver sustained growth.

Together, we can create better connections with consumers.

Store Openings and Closures H2 2023

Headline results show an acceleration in store closures as more chain stores exit the high street. However, much of this is due to one-off failures, restructurings or administrations and there is optimism that this is unlikely to repeat in 2024. Despite mixed results overall, there is positive news for leisure and retail parks again, while we reveal a long-term closures trend driven by the pull of online that is more a result of services rather than retail. We explore these findings in more detail and look at what they mean for retailers, leisure and service operators and locations across GB.

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The Consumer Reconsidered uncovers new and unique insights into the reality of shopping behaviours: consumer journeys are unpredictable and chaotic, people are polarising on where and how they shop, and rethinking what they trust and value.

We’ll help you understand how behaviours are evolving, what that means for you, and reveal the actions you can take to deliver enjoyment, build trust and create better connections.

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Recognise how consumers shop to create better connections

As online channels have grown more sophisticated, they have transformed traditional buying behaviours, adding new tools and layers of complexity

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Use enjoyment and experience to attract and retain consumers

For many consumers, enjoyment of the shopping experience can significantly influence where they shop, who they trust, and how much they spend.

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