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Ben Higgin:
Your customers have changed. They work and buy in new and different ways. They’re time poor and have less to spend, but demand sustainability, security and a brand they can trust.

That’s why we’ve created Frictionless Futures, powered by PwC’s intelligent platforms.

We’re bringing you a new level of frictionless sophistication, combining powerful technologies, responsible use of data, and deep industry expertise to revolutionise your customer experience.

Rachael Eve:
This is the next step in the evolution of how you serve customers. It’s human-led, tech-powered in action.

Remove the need to scan, queue, or check out. Enable faster transactions and seamless processes and use rich data to make decisions and transform your business around the customer.

Whether that’s better insights, a more sustainable supply chain, greater personalisation, or more.

Oz Ozturk:
We’ve joined forces with leading technology providers to develop frictionless solutions that will reinvent the customer experience.

Computer vision AI for faster payment and reduced queueing. Smart assets that improve business continuity. Real-time analytics to drive insight and better understand your customer. And solutions that will easily integrate with your existing systems

Lisa Hooker:
It’s more than just demonstrating the latest technologies.

We’ll show you how to use the data and insight to make customers central to everything you do. To create something that is seamless, not soulless, that can make you the winner in this tough environment. That brings together data, technology and industry expertise to create the smooth and well-tailored customer experiences you need.

Whether you’re in retail, hospitality, banking, sport, healthcare, or another industry, we’ll tailor the experience to suit you, to understand your priorities, put your customer at the heart of your strategy and leave you with a plan to make your frictionless future, and more, a reality.

So get in touch to experience frictionless innovation first-hand.
Explore the possibilities of technology, data and AI.
And define your vision for a frictionless future.
Because when the customer wins, the business wins too.

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