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The transition period has ended. 

A deal has been agreed. So what next for businesses as we enter this new trading world?

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PwC NI volunteers become Belfast’s Black Santa elves

Find out how we'll help you earn while you learn 

Not only will you gain a degree with Queen's University Belfast and fast-track your career in Techology, but you'll also benefit from a fully funded programme and extensive on-the-job training. Hear from Maisy, one of our current apprentices. 

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“The course sets you apart as you’ll likely have a lot more experience compared to the average candidate by the time you finish University.”

Maisy Sinclair, Technology Degree Apprentice

Insights from our experts

At a time when businesses have so many competing priorities, what should you be focusing on? We explore why you should be looking at Net Zero. 

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“As you combine the rebuild of your business with a Net Zero plan, you can build up resilience to respond to the climate crisis at the same time - avoiding the need for another rebuild of your business in the future.”

Cara Haffey, PwC NI Private Business lead

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