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Carol Stubbings, Joint Global Leader, People and Organisation, Partner, PwC UK

So I think what we really mean about up skilling for a digital world is really around taking the skills that people have today and making them much more relevant for the future. And this isn't just about work but it's also around in our everyday lives. So if you think about healthcare, if you think about banking, it's really important that everybody learns how to interact and interplay with technology.

Ben Higgin, Partner, PwC UK

I think that's right. And it's not just saying everybody's got to become an expert in coding. It's actually saying I need to do what I'm doing in a different way, so that it can transform the job they're doing today. I think the skills that people will need will very much depend on what the organization's business strategy is.


And I think quite often it's not a skills issue, it's a mindset issue. You need to think about hiring people that are resilient, that are adaptable to change. And I think those are going to be critical skills if you're going to redeploy your workface. So sometimes you get the question, I want to be up skilled, how long does it take? I think up skilling is going to have to become a way of life. It's all around the ability to learn, unlearn, and relearn.

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