How can you handle increasing volumes of data subject rights requests?

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is all about putting the individual first. Under the GDPR, as under the Data Protection Act (DPA), individuals have rights in relation to any personal data you may be processing about them. As well as potentially triggering difficult legal problems, rights mishandling can damage trust, brand and reputation.

The eight core rights of individuals under the GDPR in relation to their personal data are:

  1. The right to be informed;
  2. The right of access;
  3. The right of rectification;
  4. The right to erasure;
  5. The right to restrict processing;
  6. The right to data portability;
  7. The right to object;
  8. The right not to be subject to automated decision making, including profiling.

Most organisations now provide an email address to which rights requests and general privacy queries can be submitted. Managing these incoming communications well can be a time- and resource-consuming activity.

Service areas

Managing your privacy e-mailbox

Managing your privacy e-mailbox well can be a time- and resource-consuming activity.

Our Mailbox Service offers an ideal solution. It’s designed with both your and your customers’ needs in mind and can flex to the requirements of your organisation. We’ll put in place a dedicated team to develop an e-Mailbox Playbook with you, designed around your organisation’s special characteristics. The playbook and responsibilities of the team can include: identifying the nature of the incoming email (from complaints, to rights requests and breach notifications), prioritising urgent matters, alerting appropriate internal stakeholders, maintaining auditable records and, where necessary, escalating critical issues within the business.

We can also extend our service to manage any data subject rights requests and/or complaints which may be identified.

Managing data subject rights requests

Using state-of-the-art technological solutions and dedicated experts, we can help you put in place reliable processes for responding to data subject rights requests.

As well as meeting the legal requirements, including the tighter timescales which apply, the core of our services is designed to leave your customers, employees and the public with a positive experience of engaging with your business.

Managing complaints

Failure to recognise that complaints have been made, failing to respond in a timely manner or failing to handle them properly, is often the root cause of serious legal problems; such as regulatory investigations, enforcement action, litigation, compensation claims and, not to mention, loss of trust in your brand.

Our complaints handling service provides an end-to-end solution for the challenges that this area involves; from identifying that a complaint has been made, understanding the reasons why complaints are received, defining your strategy for complaints handling and response, through to training your own staff to recognise and respond to complaints effectively.

There are a number of situations where matters may escalate and require legal input. We can advise and represent you on all legal matters that may arise following a complaint involving data subject rights.

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