The UK and India

Harnessing the power of a shared history to fast-track future growth

Accelerating UK-India investment

The UK and India are two of the world’s most vibrant and dynamic economies. Individually, each presents major opportunities for trade and investment. Combine them, and they’re unbeatable—as underlined by their strong bilateral flows of trade and investment.

But behind the numbers, what really makes the UK-India combination so powerful is the ‘living bridge’ that links the two countries, underpinned by their people’s shared history, culture and democratic values. It’s these common attributes—together with complementary skills and capabilities—that make UK and Indian businesses of all sizes and in all sectors such a natural fit.

Now that the UK has left the EU and the FTA within reach the opportunities for UK-India business collaboration are growing fast. And the story isn’t just about future opportunities. It’s been happening for years—and is continuing to accelerate today—for companies from both countries, as those with existing operations in the other seek out new opportunities, and new entrants take their first steps.

Whether they’ve been doing business bilaterally for years or are just starting out, we’re applying our wealth of experience in the UK and India to help our clients identify and seize the right opportunities. We can help you too, just call.

The Rashtrapati Bhavan is the official home of the president located at the Western end of Rajpath in New Delhi, India.

Explore the Indian states

Our interactive data explorer below gives an overview of the economic diversity across the states of India, across a range of  indicators.  

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Ease of doing business
Source: Gov.India
Key sectors
Source: Invest.India/PwC
GSDP Growth rate YoY
Source: invest India
Literacy rate
Source: Census estimates
GSDP (Billion$)
Source: Invest india
Per Capita Income USD
Source: Invest india/world
Total state population
Source: Invest India
Literacy rate
(Census) 2016 estimates using 2011 census data

Business opportunities founded on common values

Read our previous insight into how a bilateral growth story based on common values can provide opportunities on both sides of the relationship.

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Business opportunities founded on common values

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