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Supporting the UK vaccine rollout

How PwC was able to assist the Government in the rollout of the Covid vaccine - one of the most important steps in the fight against the pandemic.

Setting the scene

At the end of 2020, the NHS delivered the first clinically approved Covid vaccination. The rollout began during a time when another wave of infections set up a race between the vaccine and virus.

The speed of the programme helped reduce the number of people falling seriously ill and enabled the easing of restrictions across the UK from spring onwards. 

As the UK rolled out the largest vaccination programme in the country’s history, we assisted at both a national and regional level.

How we helped

Working closely with the NHS and Government, we supported the tireless work of all involved in the vaccine rollout. This included the deployment of teams and volunteers and assistance with programme management at local hospital level. 

NHS England and NHS Improvement stepped up to the considerable challenge of coordinating and mobilising the workforce of paid staff and volunteers delivering the vaccine rollout within the tightest of timeframes. 

In supporting the vaccine rollout, we drew on our breadth of skills and experience. Our finance teams, project managers and specialists, along with data analytics experts, supplemented the talent, experience and immeasurable dedication of professionals within the health service and public sector. 

Our teams have provided a range of support through every level of the NHS. This has included the complex process of matching the skills of staff to the requirements of the programme, and exploring how volunteers and healthcare professionals could be redeployed within the NHS and civil service to allow for longer term benefits.

Supporting local professionals, our regional teams contributed to the careful planning that helped ensure that the right cohorts were vaccinated safely and at the right times with minimal wastage of vaccine supplies.

David Morris

“As a former clinician, I and members of our team are incredibly proud to have worked alongside the immensely dedicated and talented teams in the NHS and public sector."

“The NHS rose to an absolutely unique challenge that moved at a phenomenal pace and it was a privilege to have been able to work with them during this critical point in the recovery.”

David Morris, Public Sector Health Leader

Making a difference

Adding to the efforts and expertise of the health professionals, we supported the drive to get vaccination sites up and running and set up to receive and store vaccine supplies, enabling them to have the right level of staffing to effectively deliver vaccinations in people’s arms.

With many thousands of staff being mobilised, the health service was able to make the most of not only the willingness of those who stepped forward from the general public but also targeted its existing resources to areas where they could be most effective.

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