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Continuing to shine a light on mental health awareness

In the UK, one in four people will experience a mental health issue in any given year.

The stigma often associated with mental health means people may not recognise what’s happening or are too afraid to ask for help.  At PwC, we’re proudly committed to ending this stigma.

Now in its fourth year, our Green Light to Talk campaign is running during Mental Health Awareness Week (13 - 17th May 2019). This year we're anticipating a sea of green, as over 250,000 ribbons are worn by people across hundreds of companies nationwide to show their support for mental health.

"Our focus on mental health, particularly through our Green Light to Talk campaign, is one of the ways we show we care, and is crucial in empowering our people to speak up when they need help. Normalising conversations about mental health is good for our people, and for our business."

Laura Hinton, Chief People Officer

How it all started

Back in May 2016, we launched Green Light to Talk across our business and over 12,000 of our people wore green ribbons signifying their support and their willingness to have a conversation about mental health. The day was a huge success, reaching 3.4 million people via social media.

The Lord Mayors Appeal

In 2017, our Green Light to Talk Campaign was adopted by The Lord Mayors Appeal with 70,000 green ribbons distributed to 130 organisations. A highlight was seeing a green ribbon on the front of City AM and our own office being lit up green alongside iconic London buildings including The Bank of England, The Walkie Talkie, The London Symphony Orchestra and others.

We also developed a mental health app for all our employees to download onto their phones, so they know where and who they can go to if they need support.

In Partnership with The Samaritans

This year, during Mental Health Awareness Week, we are keen to reach even more people.  We have partnered with The Samaritans, inviting our people to train as Samaritans Listening Volunteers through our volunteering scheme so they are better prepared to have conversations about mental health.  

The green ribbons will once again be available across all PwC offices. Through the Lord Mayor’s Appeal, over 150,000 ribbons are expected to be worn across London and beyond.

This is Me: faith and culture

Our latest 'This is Me' video looks at some of our people’s experiences of mental health issues within different cultures and communities. Members of our faith networks share their stories to encourage more conversations about mental wellbeing, to help tackle taboos and ensure that people get the support they need.


Playback of this video is not currently available


Playback of this video is not currently available

This is Me 2016

Our 'This is Me' campaign was created to mark World Mental Health Day 2016. We were one of 50 companies taking part in this initiative, run by the Lord Mayor's appeal team.

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