Our outstanding EcoVadis rating

EcoVadis is a third party sustainability assessment platform, which helps companies to better understand and benchmark the sustainability performance across their own operations and supply chain. Since EcoVadis was launched in 2007, it has rated over 100,000 companies on its platform.

For the third year running, we’ve received a platinum sustainability rating from EcoVadis, which places us again in the top 1% of respondents. Read more in ‘our performance’ section below.

How does it work?

EcoVadis is a well recognised global sustainability assessment and benchmarking platform, which is used by many of our clients. It provides evidence-based performance assessment and monitoring across 21 major sustainability issues within the pillars of environment, labour and human rights, ethics, and sustainable procurement.

Every year, we complete this assessment by responding to a comprehensive questionnaire consisting of over 250 questions, and every point we receive is backed by evidence independently verified by EcoVadis.

By participating in the assessment, we receive a sustainability scorecard from EcoVadis, including detailed insights into our strengths, along with areas for improvement, which our clients can also request access to as part of their responsible supply chain practice.

Our performance

PwC UK has been rated as ‘Platinum’, scoring in the top 1% of businesses responding to EcoVadis, for the third consecutive year in 2023.

We’re particularly pleased that our environmental performance was deemed ‘outstanding’, reflecting more than a decade of decoupling our environmental impacts from our business growth, and our commitment to net zero.

We’ve also been recognised as a carbon management leader again, for our 'strong GHG management system and best-in-class decarbonization commitments, actions and reporting capabilities’.

This year, not only have we made further improvements to our overall score, we have made a significant improvement in our Labour & Human Rights performance, from 'Advanced' to 'Outstanding', representing the top 1% of the rated companies, as a result of our programmes to continuously manage the human rights risk associated with our operations and supply chain, and promote diversity, equity & inclusion.

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If you’d like to understand more about climate or sustainability governance for your organisation, please check out our ESG and Sustainability Risk service areas.

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Latifa Kapadia

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