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Understanding risk and delivering quality are fundamental to the success of our business, so we invest in continuous improvement of our internal systems and standards. Over the years, we’ve implemented a number of management systems which are certified to recognised British and international standards, and are examined by external experts on a regular basis. They assess the strength of processes and controls related to specific sustainability topics identified in our materiality matrix.

We’re currently certified to the following standards, the certificates for which can be found in our download centre.

Our assessors, BSI, typically report the conclusions of their audits in four categories:

Major non-conformity

A situation that raises significant doubt about the ability of the management system to achieve its intended policy and objectives. 

Minor non-conformity

A single identified lapse, which would not in itself raise significant doubt as to the overall capability of the management system. As such they can be a useful for identifying areas for additional improvement.

Opportunity for improvement

A recommendation which, in the opinion of the auditor, could deliver an incremental improvement to the system.

We use the auditor’s findings to identify any potential weaknesses and prioritise areas for improvement.

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