18th Annual Global CEO Survey – UK summary

Our 2015 Global CEO Survey shows that UK CEOs are more confident than their European peers, but the high levels of optimism we saw last year have been tempered by concerns about access to key skills, disruptive trends and geopolitical uncertainty. Despite more caution there is a healthy appetite for M&A as more UK companies look to do deals overseas.

CEO interview quotes

"Flexible technology is key. The underlying systems need to be flexible enough to allow you to move very quickly in this marketplace."
"I think there are some other good signs in the markets that we're working in that markets are becoming freer, they're becoming more transparent. And generally I think there's a lot going on in that world trade is becoming freer as well."
"...having a CEO that’s a strategist, that’s creative, that’s visionary, is the most important capability for the CEO of tomorrow."