Why a human-led approach is critical to tech-powered success


What do we mean by 'human-led, tech-powered'?

When we combine know-how, expertise and relationships with the right technology, we solve problems and unlock opportunities. See how a human-led, tech-powered approach can deliver success for business and society by Marco Amitrano, Managing Partner and Head of Clients and Markets, PwC UK

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The importance of technology is no longer up for debate. If we are to solve the biggest challenges facing business and society, from climate change to macroeconomic disruption, we need technology to work.

But whether technology works is no longer a single question. It is wrapped up in whether it creates commercial and societal value. Achieving that requires not only technology and the skills to develop and deploy it, but also human ingenuity, understanding and problem solving.

That's why a human-led, tech-powered approach sits at the heart of our global strategy, The New Equation. We are committed to combining the deep industry and functional expertise of our teams with powerful technology tools and capabilities, developed both in-house and by our technology alliance partners.

“The unpredictability our clients face is incredible and they need certainty where they can get it. Technology is vital to dealing with change, but organisations can’t afford to implement technology without a deep understanding of all of the challenges they’re seeking to address and a high level of trust in the outcomes they will achieve. We work closely with our clients to help solve these problems, bringing deep industry and functional expertise combined with the right technologies to deliver the right results.”

Marco Amitrano, Managing Partner and Head of Clients & Markets, PwC UK

Whatever challenges or opportunities people face, the answer will almost certainly be better if it blends human ingenuity and technology. That’s why we are committed to developing, hiring and embedding tech skills throughout our firm, as well as investing significantly in the creation of proprietary tools. 

We are also creating new functions and facilities - such as our Cloud Centre of Excellence and our technology hub in Manchester - to meet the needs of clients and society, now and in the future.

“We are making significant investments in our tech capabilities across the firm by recruiting and developing thousands of specialist technologists in areas such as advanced analytics and AI, software development and cyber security. To make sure we deliver these specialist tech skills to all our client services we continue with the digital upskilling of our experts in audit, consulting, deals, tax and risk. We are committed to ensuring the understanding of technology and its potential is embedded in all we do.”

Ben Higgin, Head of Technology & Investments, PwC UK

Our investments are not just focused on our own people and building our tech capabilities. We believe businesses have a responsibility to nurture talent and technology capabilities throughout society. That’s why we are working with charities, such as TechSheCan and supporting initiatives such as the UK government’s Girls’ Education Skills Partnership

Because technology works best when it creates value for everybody. 

Whether accelerating creativity through the power of cloud computing, supporting brilliant decision-making with data and analytics, or supplementing emotional intelligence with artificial intelligence, we know success will depend on balancing humanity and technology.

“We have to think about everything we do with a human-centred lens. The role of technology alongside that is to make instant changes, to interpret data and get real insight, to make the best outcomes possible for customers, citizens, students and patients.”

Cat McCusker, Customer-led Transformation Lead, PwC UK

And where we don’t have all the answers ourselves, we are able to join forces with an unrivalled network of technology alliance partners. 

So whatever our clients’ needs we can bring the right combination of skills, expertise and technology to meet them.

“Our technology alliance partners are a critical enabler for how we embed success and create long-term value for all stakeholders. Our ability to understand a client’s challenges and opportunities, combined with relationships that enable us to find the right technologies makes a real difference.”

Oz Ozturk, Head of Technology Alliances, PwC UK

From refocusing on costs to proactively manage risks, transforming how they operate and meeting environmental, sustainability and governance (ESG) targets, we can find the approach that meets our clients’ specific needs - no matter how major the challenge. 

Establishing and achieving ambitious ESG targets is just one example of how our deep industry and functional expertise comes together with human ingenuity, passion for positive change and powerful technologies.

“When it comes to climate change, we need to act fast but we also have to think about what constitutes a just transition for everybody. That’s where data, systems and processes and governance are absolutely vital. We need to bring lots of different brains together to solve this problem, at scale and speed.”

Emma Cox, Global Climate Leader, PwC UK

With an increasingly complex set of challenges facing all organisations and an ever more complex set of stakeholder criteria to meet, we firmly believe a combination of deep functional and industry expertise, combined with the power of technology will become fundamental to the way organisations must work. 

Watch our video series of ‘Human-led, tech-powered perspectives’ below to see how this approach helps deliver results for our clients, people and society across all areas of our business.

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