Meet the Forestry and Ecosystems team

Richard Gledhill

Richard Gledhill - Lead Partner, Carbon Markets and REDD

Richard leads an international network of more than 200 climate change and carbon market specialists. He specialises in climate policy (mitigation and adaptation), carbon markets and forest finance, advising both government and private sector clients on the risks and opportunities associated with climate change. Richard has extensive carbon market experience, advising on some of the earliest large transactions in the CDM. He is advising on a number of REDD+ and reforestation projects in Africa, Indonesia and Latin America. He is also a member of the Network Council overseeing the work of the Climate and Development Knowledge Network, a major project being led by PwC on behalf of the UK Government. Richard is also a senior adviser to the World Economic Forum on climate policy and finance, and is leading the Forum’s work stream on REDD+ and sustainable land use.

Jon Williams

Jon Williams - Lead Partner, Sustainable Finance, Biodiversity and Ecosystems

Jon leads the finance sector team within the PwC Sustainability and Climate Change practice, offering market-leading strategy, risk management and revenue development solutions to clients. He also works on a number of climate change, water and biodiversity initiatives. Jon has extensive experience working on sustainable forestry finance, biodiversity and ecosystems markets, including working with FSC, RSPO and a number of conservation NGO's in developing markets. He led the PwC/WBCSD Forest Finance Toolkit project, PwC’s team contributing to TEEB and has overseen forest fund and forest carbon/REDD+ projects. A former banker, Jon was head of sustainable development at HSBC where he developed and implemented their forest sector lending policy; he is also on the Advisory Board of the Ecosystems Marketplace.

Chris Knight

Chris Knight - Forestry and Ecosystems Leader

Chris Knight has been a member of the PwC UK Sustainability and Climate Change team since 2004, and leads our work on forestry (including REDD), ecosystems and biodiversity. Chris also leads the PwC global ecosystems and biodiversity network, and has in-country project experience in 20 countries. He is a trained environmental scientist and represents PwC on several international REDD and conservation finance working groups including the World Economic Forum’s Global Agenda Council on Biodiversity Loss.

With 12 years experience across a range of industry sectors, with a particular specialism in biodiversity, finance and sustainable forestry, Chris coordinates PwC’s work on valuing and accounting for biodiversity and ecosystems, including PwC’s contribution to the TEEB Report for Business.

Christopher Webb

Chris Webb - Carbon Markets and Forest Carbon

Chris is a carbon markets and forest carbon specialist with extensive experience working within the nascent forest carbon market. He has worked with several project developers and some of the world’s leading conservation groups to provide strategic commercial, technical and financial advice in relation to the development of a reforestation and conservation projects in Africa, Central America and South East Asia. Chris is the lead-author of the REDD+ section for The Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity and represents PwC on the Carbon Market Industry Association’s Forestry Working Group. Chris holds an MEng in Mechanical Engineering and is a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of England and Wales.

Will Evison

Will Evison - Forestry and Ecosystems

Will is an Assistant Director and environmental economist in our sustainability and climate change team. He specialises in advice around green economic growth, ecosystem policy and non-market valuation of the environment. He is an advisor to several high profile international conservation projects and also works with a number of leading corporates on building ecosystem value into business decision making. Will was our technical lead in the development of PUMA’s ‘environmental profit and loss account’ (EP&L) - which estimated and valued the environmental externalities caused by PUMA and its entire supply chain. He is now leading efforts to further develop and refine the EP&L methodologies and is applying them with a range of companies.

Jack Steege

Jack Steege - Forestry and Ecosystems

Jack is trained in economics and climate change management. He is a specialist in the socioeconomic appraisal of forestry carbon projects and the development of forestry project design documents required for carbon credit certification. Prior to joining PwC, Jack worked with a forestry, carbon offset and renewable energy company operating across the East and Southern African regions, developing both (CDM) Afforestation/Reforestation and biomass energy projects. He has also worked on CDM project development in India and REDD feasibility assessments in Malawi. Jack has a MSc in Carbon Management and a BA in Economics.

Quiller Brooke - Forestry and Ecosystems

Quiller joined PwC's forestry team in 2010. He is trained in biology and environmental economics, with both policy and field experience. He is a specialist in market solutions to environmental challenges, including Payments for Ecosystem Services (PES) and REDD+. Prior to joining PwC, Quiller worked at the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development, jointly authoring a book on PES. He also worked for 2 years in the petroleum industry in West Africa. Quiller holds a MSc in Environmental and Resources Economics, and a BA in Biological Sciences.