Infinite Financial Solutions

Unlock new opportunities and fuel sustained growth through unrivalled customer experience.

Cloud-based, experience-driven and future-ready. Our digital banking solution, powered by Microsoft, helps you accelerate transformation and raise the customer experience bar with responsive, personal and connected products for everyday money management, insightful saving goals and hassle-free borrowing.

Together, we can help you redefine the banking experience and create lasting value.

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Right technology. Right results.

Whether looking to transform your existing proposition or stand up entirely new products or brands we can help you deliver agile, resilient and compliant digital banking that builds trust and drives responsible growth.

From innovative strategy through to execution and operation, combining human ingenuity with the right technology, we bring our deep industry expertise, the power and scale of Microsoft’s Cloud for Financial Services and the best in fintech innovation for rapid real-world results.

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Create exceptional experiences

Go beyond a transactional approach and build greater trust and loyalty through contextual, personal and purpose-driven digital experiences for the right moments in customers’ lives.

Deliver rapid innovation

Respond with agility to changing customer needs by quickly standing up new propositions and products. The ability to easily and quickly modify the customer journey, business rules and product configurations in near real time provides greater opportunities to cross-sell and diversify income streams.

Reduce costs

The low-code, automated cloud environment is low maintenance, reusable and easily scalable, reducing total cost of ownership (TCO) by up to 40%, cost of servicing customers and strain on business and technical resources.

Features and capabilities

Rapidly build different use cases from our existing tailorable customer journey templates so you can respond dynamically in near real time to change the customer experience, business rules and product configurations.

A single customer services platform

Infinite Financial Solutions provides a single 360-degree view of your customer. Powered by Microsoft's Financial Services Cloud on Dynamics, it enables Know Your Customer (KYC) and anti-money laundering (AML) validation, credit underwriting, and customer contact and lifecycle management all on one single platform.

Hyper personalisation

Using Microsoft's Financial Services Dataverse and AI-enabled Business Intelligence suite, together with our extendable banking data model allows you to drive high levels of personalisation and meaningful insights to support your customers’ financial goals, in real time.

Business-enabled customer journey design and maintenance

With the unique capabilities of FintechOS, customer journey design is placed into the hands of the business. Customer experience orchestration and business rules are abstracted into a low-code design studio where business analysts can design, deliver and maintain customer experience solutions without the need for long and costly IT projects.

“This bold offering from PwC and Microsoft heralds the rise of the ecosystem orchestrator role, curating the elements and expertise required to rapidly build a digital bank.”

Elena Christopher,Research Leader, HFS


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