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PwC’s UK Academy

The UK centre of excellence for learning design and delivery, that delivers tech-enabled, human centred transformational change.

About PwC Academy 

People are at the heart of how and why we do business at PwC, which is why human centred transformation is so important. We want to help our clients equip their people with the knowledge, skills, behaviours and mindsets needed to adapt, manage and respond to change.

We deliver sustained outcomes for our clients by designing, developing and delivering innovative learning solutions which drive behaviour change and mindset shifts.

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Building Trust and Delivering Sustained Outcomes, tailored to you

The New Equation outlines PwC’s new strategy to address the breadth and complexity of challenges facing today's businesses and society. PwC wants to help clients address their challenges by building trust and delivering sustained outcomes. 

The UK Academy leverages PwC's sector insight, breadth of expertise and depth of technical knowledge to help our clients reach their goals through knowledge transfer, upskilling and mindset shift initiatives.

We work with clients to develop a wide range of learning solutions tailored to their organisation and specific needs.

Optimising Human Capital and Operational Excellence

We have learning solutions that will help you drive success for your organisation, putting its people, processes and how they are managed at its heart. These can be embedded in your organisation through cultural transformation and tech enablement to drive sustained operational excellence.

While culture, history and leadership style will look different for every organisation, changing times and new expectations are common to everyone. Upskilling staff can help you attract and retain the right people for your organisation, build on your people's strengths, fuel collective performance and build a future to help your organisation thrive.

Courses include:

  • Inclusion and diversity 
  • Harassment and bullying 
  • Agile 
  • Perform
  • Leadership
  • Working Capital

Transformation in the Digital Age

Most people can recognise the importance of digital solutions for organisations big and small, but knowing how to upskill staff and implement change can be a daunting task. By utilising PwC’s experts in digital upskilling and transformation we are able to offer learning solutions that help you grow your business in the digital age.

Courses include: 

  • Data Analytics 

  • Cyber security

  • Cloud

  • Design thinking


Business Compliance and Legislation 

In a world of technological disruption, fractured geopolitics, climate change, and the ever evolving landscape of risk and regulation it is more important than ever to not only understand the ways laws and legislation impact businesses, but to take active steps to adapt in line with the ever changing environment. 

Courses include: 

  • Tax Legislation

  • ESG

  • SOX

  • Entity governance and compliance

  • Senior Managers and Certification Regime 

  • IFRS and IAS

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William Hiscock

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Dominic Putt

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