Smart Credentials

Trusted, secure and tamper-proof credentials in real time


Verified, trusted and secure credentials

Introducing Smart Credentials, a blockchain platform, which allows credentials to be issued, carried and shared globally in real time. In this video, follow Kyle’s journey as he is able to take control over his data through sharing and revoking access of his credentials to third parties including hiring managers who are able to reduce the cost of overheads associated with verification.


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We’ve built a new blockchain platform to transform the way professionals share their credentials. In this video, Global Blockchain Leader Steve Davies and Blockchain Director Seamus Cushley, talk about using this blockchain technology to issue digital certificates which will reduce exposure to fraud and give individuals more control over their personal data.

We would love to hear about some of the opportunities you think Smart Credentials can help you to solve.

Digital certification for a digital world

Simplifying the process for regulators and institutions

Allowing individuals to take control over their qualifications and share them with those they trust – adding credibility and reducing misrepresentation. Currently being trialled by PwC staff who have qualified with the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Scotland (ICAS) in the last two years.

Credentials that are earned and continually updated

Offering pilots and engineers a trusted digital service to improve efficiencies, through the reduction of both risk and cost in the qualification screening process.

Establishing trust, without a third party

Reducing the risk of fraud by offering users a single and immutable track of their digital financial identity.

The ability to share or revoke access to personal data

Giving individuals more control over with whom their data is shared including; insurers, hospitals and practitioners.

A transparent, efficient and secure process

Issuer creates credential, owner can withdraw credential, owner can share credential

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