Christopher Box

Christopher Box

Global Workforce Risk Leader, Partner, PwC United Kingdom

Christopher is a Partner specialising in work on HR and people related aspects of process and organisation transformation, regulation and risk. He has a legal background, is Chartered Institute of Personnel Development (CIPD) qualified and has worked with global financial services organisations in insurance and investment and retail banking.

He returned to the UK in autumn 2012 after spending three years leading our HR, People & Change consulting practice in the Middle East. There he worked with financial services organisations including Gulf Monetary Union (the new Gulf Co-operation Council (GCC) Central Bank), Credit Suisse, Samba, Qatar Central Bank, National Bank of Abu Dhabi and more broadly, Kuwait Petroleum, Qatar Petroleum, the Saudi Telecom Regulator and Qatar Finance and Business Academy.

Previously in the UK, Christopher was installed as a full time HR Director at Lehman Brothers International (Europe) in administration. Christopher’s main focus was performance management; the motivation and retaining of staff through appropriate incentives, and the alignment of key stakeholders needs with the objectives of the administrators. Christopher played an active role in the part sale of the business to a Japanese investment bank.

Christopher worked with Northern Rock, helping to transform the bank from a mortgage loan, to a debt recovery business. Faced with a very volatile workforce, Christopher led the retention of key people within the firm through various remuneration schemes, and taking into account the needs of the Treasury and the Financial Services Authority (FSA).

Area of interest

  • HR
  • Organisation transformation
  • Regulation and Risk
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