Dara Douglas

Director, Digital ways of working, Cloud & Digital, PwC United Kingdom

Dara has ten years of global transformation experience across complex organisations in strategy and operations. Having worked in a diverse range of industries, geographies and operating models, Dara has developed the strong belief that people transformation is at the heart of any real and sustainable change. Dara has been driving cultural change at PwC for the last three years and is leading a movement of digital ways of working across Consulting (BXT). This includes driving changes in skills, relationships, mindset and behaviour.

Dara is a natural influencer, both in person and online and is able to use this to drive changes in behaviour to meet business outcomes and strategy in fresh and innovative ways. Dara is an experienced facilitator and is able to bring together diverse groups and challenge them to understand problems and develop bold ideas and solutions in a different way, taking a human-centred approach.

In addition, Dara is passionate about changing the organisation to be more inclusive and give everyone a voice. Having set up the Diversity Mentoring scheme for those from socially deprived backgrounds, launched and chaired the Multicultural Business Network and ran a campaign called Colourbrave to drive more conversations on race in the workplace, Dara is now leading the UK Blach Tech partnership to drive more diversity in technology roles.

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