Jamie Houghton

Jamie Houghton

EMEA Managed Services Leader, PwC United Kingdom

Jamie is the EMEA Leader for Managed Services, enabling PwC’s Territory client teams to leverage the breadth and depth of human led, technology powered capability from an integrated network of Operate Managed Service delivery centres.

PwC supports its clients to drive sustainable outcomes through a partnership approach to Managed Services. Recognising the need for agility in both the Public and Private sector markets, as client’s operating models evolve, PwC is able to shape managed services: as part of a strategic operating model change to drive growth; alongside a transformation journey; and bring operational excellence through its managed services - across a breadth of interconnected corporate service towers.

PwC’s client teams are supported by EMEA wide Industry and Sector teams, which share deep Industry expertise across our Territories. In addition, client teams are supported by an integrated Solution Lab network that brings together PwC’s digital transformation capabilities; industry platforms; alliance partner network; and Operate centre capabilities to tailor managed service solutions for our clients.

As a Client Partner, Jamie is a Capital Infrastructure and Transport SME; having previously practised as a Civil Engineer. He specialises in supporting clients in the sponsorship, development and delivery of major capital programmes and projects. His passion is supporting clients in the complex area of integrated project controls, using digital platforms and PwC’s Capital Projects & Infrastructure Managed Services capabilities.

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