Matthew Alabaster

Matthew Alabaster

Energy, Utilities & Resources Deals Leader, Partner, PwC United Kingdom

Matt works with companies and their investors to develop, refine and review strategies for growth in engineering and technology-driven sectors. He has a particular focus on 'step change' growth strategies, including M&A, new market entry, portfolio strategy and cross-border investments.

He currently leads a team focusing on Energy & Infrastructure sectors, including Transport, Power and Economic Infrastructure. These sectors are seeing unprecedented rates of changes as technology, decarbonisation and changing consumer behaviour are transforming the infrastructure we need and the way in which those needs are met. For example, he and his team are working across a range of New Energy segments, such as electric vehicle charging, batteries and energy efficiency. 

More broadly, Matt has experience across a wider set of engineering and technology-driven sectors such as Aerospace & Defence, Aviation, Automotive and Industrial Services.  He has worked with some of the world's largest engineering businesses on their growth strategies and spent a year with Rolls-Royce plc, the global power systems manufacturer, as Strategy Director for Globalisation.

Prior to forming the Energy & Infrastructure team in the UK, Matt lived and worked in the Middle East for four years, where he established and grew PwC's strategy consulting business in the region. He built a team that worked with major multinationals on their regional growth strategies, as well as with local companies and governments on strategies for growth and investment. He continues to have a role in working with UK businesses on their Middle Eastern plans, as well as with Middle Eastern investors on entering the UK market.

His experience in the private sector has led to Matt working with government departments in the UK and overseas on strategies to increase trade and inbound investment. Matt is a member of PwC's Government practice, a member of PwC's Brexit Steering Committee and an adviser to the UK government on Trade & Investment. 

Matt has been a strategy consultant for over 20 years. After gaining his Masters in Engineering in the UK and France, Matt started his career in 1998 at COBA, a strategy consultancy that specialised in services to Private Equity investors, before joining PwC in 2001.

"I love the fact that I get to help clients on the fine details of their investments and strategies, but at the same time working in sectors at the heart of the most pressing issues the world faces. The Energy Transition, for example, is the defining business trend of the next 20 years and I am lucky enough to be part of a team helping our industries and our societies attract the capital, skills and government support they need to decarbonise."


  • Aerospace & Defence
  • Aviation
  • Energy
  • Infrastructure
  • Industrial and engineering services


  • Growth strategy
  • M&A strategy
  • New market entry
  • Portfolio strategy
  • Globalisation
  • Trade & Investment
  • Economic development
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