New measures, new perspective: The impact of IFRS 17 on insurance performance and reporting

These two reports examine the impact IFRS 17 will have on your key performance indicators. In the first report, we analysed the suite of KPIs communicated to the markets by 20 of the largest European insurers, assessed how these metrics are likely to be affected by IFRS 17 and how companies may need to respond to this.

Download that paper for our view on the issues, opportunities and steps you can take to make decisions on how you will report the impact of IFRS 17 to the market.

In the second article we examine how adjusted operating profit (AOP) may change under IFRS 17. We consider the adjustments currently made by life insurers and the potential adjustments which it may be appropriate to make under the new Standard. Our research of leading European insurers has made it clear that preparing AOP under IFRS 17 will create significant new challenges and could also demand investment in models, data, systems and processes, and that it is important to consider this now alongside the development of your IFRS 17 infrastructure.

Download this paper to find out how to use adjusted operating profit to tell your story with confidence.

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