The Cyber Security Podcast from PwC UK: CISO Spotlight on John White, Virgin Atlantic

06 April, 2023

Host: Chloe Seaton, Ethical Hacker, PwC UK
Guest: John White, Leader of Information and Cyber Security, Virgin Atlantic

Duration: 33m 56s

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In this episode, our host Chloe Seaton is joined by John White, Leader of Information and Cyber Security at Virgin Atlantic to discuss:

  • How cyber security can support and accelerate digital transformation
  • Getting the basics right and the importance of simplifying IT
  • The challenge of an ever growing threat landscape and building ransomware resilience
  • Ways to address the cyber talent gap
  • John’s IT and cyber security career journey from personal trainer to CISO

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The Cyber Security Podcast from PwC UK covers the latest developments in cyber risk, resilience and threat intelligence. In each episode we’re joined by special guests to give you practical insight on how to improve your cyber security and create a more resilient business.

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