Our global cyber security partnership with Palo Alto Networks

Our partnership with Palo Alto Networks, a global leader in cyber security, combines the recognised cyber expertise of both organisations to deliver threat intelligence and hunting, incident response and comprehensive automation.

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PwC’s Managed Cyber Defence powered by Palo Alto 

PwC’s Managed Cyber Defence powered by Palo Alto is a 24/7 managed threat hunting, protection, detection and response service powered by Cortex XDR by Palo Alto Networks. Using PwC’s and Cortex XDR’s combined behavioural analytics, comprehensive automation and expert threat intelligence, the service improves threat visibility, reduces noise and security team workload, and lowers mean time to respond (MTTR) to minutes. All this significantly reduces the probability of a breach and the impact should an incident occur. 

The service, which can be used by companies of any size, reduces the security operations center (SOC) workload by at least 50%. Detection of emerging attacker behaviours and pivoted attack scenarios puts organisations on a proactive stance to defend against 'the unknown’ and extends across on-premise, cloud, virtualised and IoT environments. 

PwC’s proprietary behavioural detection rule set ensures this service stands out in the managed detection and response (MDR) market. We keep your network safe by individually tailoring the rule set to your needs, developed with over 1,000 hours of detection engineering to look for over 2000 unique attacker behaviours.

Cortex XDR: Welcome to the The Future of EDR 

Cortex XDR™ is the world’s first extended detection and response platform that integrates endpoint, network, and cloud data to stop sophisticated attacks. It unifies prevention, detection, investigation, and response in one platform for unrivaled security and operational efficiency. Combined with MDR services from industry-leading partners like PwC, Cortex XDR gives you round-the-clock protection and industry-leading coverage of MITRE ATT&CK® techniques. 

For the first time, MDR services powered by Cortex XDR extend beyond the endpoint with a single product and service, increasing visibility to improve overall service outcomes.

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Our Cyber Advisory team is one of the few truly end-to-end advisors for cyber security, able to address and communicate the challenges and solutions at an executive level and aligning policy, controls, processes, tools and teams to a granular level. 

  • Local, onsite resources integrated to the client’s team.

  • A tailored service that is subject to continuous improvement.

  • Wrapping our people and processes around client-owned technologies.


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