Video transcript: Hear how we’re moving organisations from ambition to action


Hear how we’re moving organisations from ambition to action

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Zubin Randeria: The imperative to achieve net zero goes beyond responsibility. With the right business strategy, it is an economic opportunity to drive growth… … alongside positive change. We’re reaching a tipping point.

Lynne Baber: Where the cost of inaction will be far greater than the cost of action. Where organisations will start feeling the impact of regulation. And their reputation and relationships will be exposed to new risks. The challenge of sustainability feels vast. However, the answer is progress, not perfection.

Chris Temple: And progress will bring everything else with it. Nature. Society. Innovation. Because we need a stable planet for successful business, we must decarbonise and transform our organisations.

Hannah Cool: This radical reshaping must be guided by a commitment to transparency and trust… …underpinned by data and analytics. Data has never been more important in making the right decisions for your business and our planet… …to prove you are making progress, to respond where you are not.

Carl Sizer: We’ve led the charge on sustainability for over 30 years by applying world-class expertise to deliver tangible impact for the public and private sectors. Across every industry and every business, we hear the ambition to change. But we recognise it's hard to know where to begin.

Lynne: That’s where we come in. This is where the action happens. [in office] Getting the numbers right is central to effective net zero transformation so you can make decisions through accurate insight. While robust sustainability reporting creates the trust in business that is crucial for society and our economy.

Zubin: Human-led and tech-powered, we are global leaders in decarbonisation creating end-to-end net zero transformations based on numbers you can believe in. That is how we will meet the sustainability imperative, create value, mitigate risk, and move you from ambition to action.

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