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Empowering staff and bringing together remote teams in London Borough of Haringey

Haringey Council have introduced a new way of working for social care teams, using technology to bring together remote workers and allow them to perform more effectively as a virtual team and deliver better outcomes.

The challenge

Against a backdrop of rising demand and limited capability, Haringey Council was facing challenges around managing its dispersed adult social care teams. With staff working out in the community most of the time, the council needed to find a way to enable their teams to communicate regularly, manage performance and create an engaging and empowering culture.

“There has been a marked improvement in communications, problem solving and service delivery that have led to greater quality and productivity of service delivery.”

Assistant Director of Adult Social care in London Borough Council

A digital approach

We worked with the Council on a short term programme designed to create capacity, build capability and embed performance improvement throughout all levels of the service, from the frontline through to the Heads of Service.

Our approach is enabled by a Google platform, accessible through any internet browser, and focused on communication, performance and transparency. User friendly, it brought together staff from across all aspects of social care and helped create teams of connected and engaged workers, ultimately boosting performance and improving outcomes for the service, and for service-users.


The digital approach empowered people to work better together, with teams that used to meet once a month now in daily communication. Through improved communication, staff could identify problems and quickly share ideas and work out how, as a team, they could solve them.

80% of the Adult Social Care team in Haringey believe that our approach helped them identify problems and put in place sustainable solutions. The Borough saw a 53% improvement in cases authorised in 5 days and a 54% increase in social work closures, ensuring service users got the help they needed faster.

“Teams now feel more connected, driven and agile and we have developed a really strong platform for us to build on with frontline workers helping to drive and evolve the way that we work.”

Principal Social Worker in London Borough Council

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