Building Trust in Commercial Drones

An assessment of how industry attitudes to drones have changed over the past three years and the implications for actions to grow the UK drone economy

Last year, in collaboration with BEIS and DfT, we released Skies Without Limits v2.0 (“SWL2”), a refreshed look at the potential impact of drones on the UK economy. This report showed that there is considerable potential for drones to positively impact the UK economy. The report noted that, to achieve this potential, there were several barriers to overcome. These included perception, (manner of drone) implementation, technology, regulation and skills.

In 2022, we collaborated with Government to refresh our 2019 “Building Trust in Drones” market research to assess how business attitudes towards drones have changed over the last 3 years. We went further than the 2019 work and tested our market research findings with selected industrial players who either purchased drone services or provided drone services.

We found that:

72% feel positive about commercial drones...
...but only 43% thought industry is using commercial droes effectively

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