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Financial reporting for pensions

Rise to the challenge of pensions reporting

Be prepared

In the face of volatile markets, regular updates to accounting standards, increased scrutiny from audit regulators and ever-complicated pensions issues, it can be difficult to keep on top of your financial reporting requirements on pensions.

We bring our unique insight into market practice and an in-depth knowledge of all areas of pensions accounting to help clients stay ahead. Our experience of working with a broad range of pension schemes and corporate sponsors and using our technology to deliver comprehensive financial reporting means that we can ensure that there are no pensions surprises when it comes to your year-end.

Getting the numbers right

Our pensions technology will produce compliant pensions accounting disclosures for your defined benefit pension schemes at the click of a button. With the focus on the accuracy of pensions figures, the PwC mark of quality ensures that you will receive robust, accurate results.

Keeping abreast of the latest issues

Our quarterly pension accounting updates enable you to easily monitor the latest market movements and accounting developments, while our regular pensions accounting blogs keep you informed of the latest issues.

Consolidating your worldwide pension expense

If you have multiple pension schemes, particularly if they are in a number of different countries, it can be complicated and time-consuming to consolidate your pensions numbers. Our cutting edge consolidation technology enables you to:

  • Consolidate your worldwide IFRS or US GAAP pension expense, quickly and efficiently;
  • Provide an integrated end-to-end process, from information collation to disclosure preparation;
  • View web-based interactive results with instantaneously downloadable user-customised disclosures;
  • Assess the impact of economic changes to avoid surprises before the year-end;
  • Access information at any time from anywhere, ensuring consistency and flexibility.

And we can provide comments on your pensions figures, reducing the level of management time dealing with auditor queries.

Interpreting pensions accounting standards

Interpreting pension accounting standards isn’t always straightforward, given the complexities of pension schemes. For example, many schemes offer various member benefit options in order to help manage risk, but the accounting for these can be nuanced. There may be no single right answer.

We work with clients to explore their needs and challenges, to help you reach the best solution.

Disclosing pension risk

Sponsors are under pressure to improve the transparency of their pension arrangements; amid economic uncertainty, continued low interest rates and scrutiny of defined benefit deficits, regulators, investors and the media are all demanding more information and clearer disclosures. Furthermore, the IASB is regularly reviewing the IFRS disclosure requirements for pensions.

It is important financial statements fully disclose significant accounting judgments and adequately explain pension risk. High-quality pension disclosures that go beyond the minimum requirements of the accounting standards will enhance your organisation’s relationships with investors and other audiences.


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