PwC announces strategic alliance with Harvey, positioning it at the forefront of generative AI

15 Mar 2023

Today, PwC announced a global alliance with artificial intelligence (AI) startup Harvey, providing PwC’s Tax & Legal Services (TLS) professionals worldwide access to the game-changing AI platform.

Harvey, which is backed by the OpenAI Startup Fund, is built on OpenAI and Chat GPT technology. It is a platform that uses natural language processing, machine learning and data analytics to enhance various aspects of legal work; PwC will also be developing use cases for tax. While all outputs will be overseen and reviewed by PwC professionals, Harvey will help generate insights, recommendations and predictions based on large volumes of data, delivering richer information and solutions faster.

PwC’s access to the technology (exclusive among the Big Four) will be used to support many of PwC’s global clients. The arrangement will provide several key benefits - for example:

  • Harvey will give PwC’s TLS professionals across 100+ countries access to leading generative AI technology. This will immediately give PwC’s 4,000 legal professionals in Legal Business Solutions the ability to deliver human led and technology enabled legal solutions in a range of areas, including contract analysis, regulatory compliance, claims management, due diligence and broader legal advisory and legal consulting services
  • PwC will work with Harvey to take the platform to market to help clients further streamline in-house Legal processes
  • PwC will also look to develop and train its own proprietary AI models with the Harvey platform to create customised products and services for its own use cases and for clients across the tax and legal business.

The strategic alliance announced with Harvey builds on PwC’s ability to bring cutting edge human-led and tech-enabled solutions to clients, delivering on our global strategy (The New Equation).

Laura Hinton, PwC’s Tax and Legal leader, PwC UK, said:

“There’s understandably enormous interest in technologies that build on OpenAI and Chat GPT. We’re keen to be at the forefront of market developments, using new technologies wisely and strategically. Integrating Harvey into our tax and legal work with care will help us further differentiate what we do for clients and is something our people are excited about too.”

Gabriel Pereyra, Harvey Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, said:
“Working with PwC provides a unique opportunity to further enhance AI’s potential to solve the most complex legal problems. The scope of PwC’s capabilities enables us to collaborate on AI systems that expand on Harvey’s core legal use cases to provide more comprehensive solutions for PwC and their clients.”

Winston Weinberg, Harvey Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer, said:
“We are thrilled to partner with PwC, a global leader in professional services, to deliver cutting-edge legal AI solutions to their clients. PwC houses an incredible breadth of expertise complimentary to their legal services and working with them provides Harvey a unique opportunity to develop multifaceted AI solutions that acknowledge that lawyers operate at the intersection of innumerable parts of our society.”

Carol Stubbings, PwC Global Tax & Legal Services Leader, PwC UK, said:
“Harvey’s AI solution marks a huge shift in the way that tax and legal services will be delivered and consumed across the industry. Access to Harvey will be a game changer for our people and for our clients. I am incredibly excited about the problem solving capability that will be generated by combining PwC’s technical capabilities and deep market insights, with Harvey’s powerful AI platform.”

AI will not be used to provide legal advice to clients and AI will not replace lawyers, nor be a substitute for professional legal services.


Notes to editors: 

About Harvey: Harvey is a generative AI company backed by OpenAI’s startup fund. We partner with elite law firms and legal service providers to augment their legal expertise with cutting edge AI. Together, we tackle the world’s most complex legal challenges


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