Information for Creditors

Guidance for creditors of the companies that have entered liquidation, is set out below. Please refer to Carillion Group landing page to see a list of Carillion companies and the relevant appointment date for claims.

Pre-liquidation claims (only claims relating to the period prior to the liquidation date can be made)


Carillion Plc and all other companies in Liquidation

You will need to register as a creditor in the liquidation if:

  • you haven’t been paid for goods or services you’ve supplied to the Carillion companies in liquidation shown in the table above;
  • you have paid these companies for goods or services that you haven’t received.


Your claim should be made using the Proof of Debt form which can be accessed here.


Claims should be submitted to the Official Receiver as follows:


Post: Carillion Liquidator, 16 Floor, 1 Westfield Avenue, Stratford, London, E20 1HZ

Please click here for further guidance, issued by The Insolvency Service. 


Private Placement Notes

The following guidance is for holders of Private Placement Notes. Click here for details of the relevant documentation that will be required to be submitted when registering a claim as a creditor of Carillion plc.


All other queries

For any other enquiries regarding outstanding payments after the date of liquidation of the Carillion companies, in the first instance, please speak to your usual contact at the Companies. Matters requiring the specific attention of the Special Managers can be sent to:


Shared Services:

Central Government:


Corporate & Regions:

Building & construction:

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