All members have been transferred to Shell Energy with effect from 17 October 2021. 

Information relating to your transfer to Shell Energy is available on the following sites:

Pure Planet is no longer able to answer any queries you may have, and the Community, social media, email and chat channels are now closed. If you have any questions about your ongoing account please get in touch with Shell Energy.

Members with a credit balance

All domestic member credit balances are protected under the SoLR Process. Shell Energy has committed to honour credit balances for all domestic members of Pure Planet who are owed money. Any money you’re owed will be added to your Shell Energy account and there is nothing you need to do. 

We have passed on your account details with credit balances to Shell Energy which will be visible on your first bill from Shell Energy.  If you have any questions regarding your credit balance please contact Shell Energy. 

Please see our FAQs below for further information:

Frequently Asked Questions



As a member what do I need to do?

Your energy supply was transferred to Shell Energy Retail Limited ("Shell Energy") in the early hours of 17 October 2021. Shell Energy should have contacted you regarding your new account with them. 

You supply has been protected and automatically transferred to Shell Energy.


Will my supply be cut off?

No. Your supply is protected and was transferred to the new supplier, Shell Energy, on 17 October 2021. 

What happens to any outstanding payments/debts due to Pure Planet?

A final closing account statement has been issued to all members, where it has been possible to do so. 

Any amounts owed to Pure Planet at the date of our appointment remain payable by the former members. These debtor balances (amounts owed to Pure Planet) did not transfer to Shell Energy as part of the SoLR process. 

Since the date of our appointment, we have continued to collect debtors through the company's existing collection processes. The majority of debts were collected via Direct Debit, until the Direct Debits were migrated to SERL at the beginning of January 2022. Since that time any monies paid by customers for the energy supplied to them since our appointment will have been directly paid to SERL

We continue to collect any debts which were owed at the date of our appointment, with the funds being retained within bank accounts controlled by the Joint Administrators. 

Going forward, where debts as at the date of our appointment have not been paid, these will be collected by Debt Collection Agents, McLaren Credit Services. on behalf of the Administrators of Pure Planet

You can still make a one-off payment by calling McLaren Credit Services,you can get in touch with them on 0333 344 3604 or by email address at

Please note, this team won’t be able to help answer any other questions — we recommend getting in touch with Shell Energy for this.

What happens if I have a credit balance?

Ofgem advises that members need not worry, as funds that domestic members have paid into accounts are protected if members were in credit with Pure Planet as at 17 October 2021. 

Your credit balance was carried over to Shell Energy. This should appear on your first bill received from Shell Energy 

Please contact Shell Energy for queries regarding your first bill and the set up of your account. Shell Energy has details of all credit balances which were owing.


What will happen to my Direct Debit?

Where an active Direct Debit was held with Pure Planet, this has now been transferred to Shell Energy.

Pure Planet no longer collects any direct debits, which were not outstanding upon our appointment, from members.

What will happen if I’m already in the process of switching supplier?

If you were in the process of switching suppliers upon our appointment, you should contact your new supplier if you have any concerns about whether you have successfully transferred yet.

What happens if I have already switched supplier?

If you have already switched supplier, you do not need to do anything. Agents acting for Pure Planet Limited - in administration will be in touch regarding any outstanding amounts owed in the form of a final account statement. If your account is paid up to the date of your switch, you will not need to take any further action.

What tariff will I be on with Shell Energy?

Please refer to Shell Energy for advice on your new tariff which is protected by the price cap set by the regulator, Ofgem. 

Further advice and support

Any unanswered questions regarding any concerns about your energy supply, problems or complaints, you may wish to contact the Citizens Advice consumer helpline in the first instance for guidance and support.

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