Act Now: Responding to uncertainty

Together, we can help your business to adapt and strengthen

As the economic situation remains uncertain, restructuring can help your business to steer through disruption and emerge stronger. #ActNow

Despite improvements in consumer confidence, stability and growth remain off course as inflation persists and borrowing continues to increase.

Proactively responding to these challenges is key. From cash flow forecasting to broadening refinancing options, a restructuring mindset can help your business identify vulnerabilities and plan for the challenges ahead.

Our specialists bring market insight and technical expertise to help you strengthen your business, gain a competitive edge and innovate in the face of disruption.



Six areas of focus to help your business adapt and strengthen

As economic turbulence mounts, it’s more important than ever to control spending in order to maintain and improve profit margins and enhance profitability. Through a combination of transformation expertise, industry knowledge and functional capabilities, our team provides hands-on support to deliver rapid and sustainable cost reduction.

As your organisation grapples with today’s tough business environment and longer term disruption and change, being able to free up funds and concentrate on the strongest parts of your organisation can give you a powerful edge. Restructuring your business portfolio can help put you on the right track by finding new owners for parts of the business that are underperforming or no longer core. So how can you capitalise on this opportunity?

Restructuring is usually complex, time pressured and requires careful management of stakeholders. This puts significant additional responsibilities on management teams who often don't have the capacity or capability to deliver new and evolving critical, time sensitive or urgent tasks at pace alongside business as usual activities.

Many of our clients in these situations supplement their management team (or the layer below) with our specialist restructuring professionals.

With higher interest rates, capital is more expensive and with an increasing number of finance providers, being able to navigate the market is increasingly important. Whether you're looking to take advantage of opportunities with new lenders or need help managing your existing financial creditors, our experts can support you through any refinancing or restructuring event.

Growing vulnerability to market swings and shocks heightens the need for a laser focus on liquidity. We can help you to improve the reliability of cash flow forecasting, optimise working capital and identify locked-in cash, while exploring all possible internal and external sources of finance.

When an organisation becomes aware that a subsidiary business, division, branch or brand is under-performing, we can assist in achieving an optimal recovery of value.

We help to identify the issues and evaluate the associated risks and available options. We can help to agree and implement the chosen approach (eg sell, fix and sell, or wind-down).

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