Communications and engagement

Communicating with impact – driving engagement and change

Communications is shaping the world, society, and business more than ever before. In our digital world, is your organisation ready for the challenges ahead?

Communicating with impact

Disruptors such as artificial intelligence, robotics and drone technology are set to radically change the way people experience everyday communications. These technological shifts are impacting how organisations are expected to engage with their employees, who will demand that leaders and executives champion a culture of transparent, frequent, and high quality communications.

To successfully navigate the changes ahead, it is important businesses communicate with impact – clearly, simply and effectively. Getting your communications right is the key to engage employees, customers and shareholders, increase productivity, enhance reputation and increase your return on investment.

Communications and engagement

How we can help you

We support global organisations to communicate with impact – helping organisations to simplify complex issues, for their people and stakeholders. We help to get your people talking, drive engagement and change, and protect your reputation.

Transformation and change

To drive successful change within an organisation you need a clear story and compelling case for change, helping leaders drive the change and engaging employees to deliver the desired outcomes. Without that vision and strategy, transformation can quickly go wrong, with leadership teams disengaged, or employees receiving inconsistent or infrequent messaging. We work with clients to make sure this doesn’t happen, and have been instrumental in delivering successful transformation and change communications for iconic, global programmes and clients.

Transformation programmes are challenging. They can get to a point when they feel hard or lose momentum. We also work with clients to supercharge their change programmes - breathing new energy back into projects and accelerating change in the organisation. That might be through immersive and innovative learning experiences such as Escape Rooms that provide a fun, tailored and engaging way to drive behaviour change, or by working to effectively diagnosing weaknesses or gaps in the current change approach. We help to make the right interventions to more effectivel.

Pensions and reward

Communicating personal and company finances is always a sensitive matter. In an environment where pension schemes are closing, or transitioning from defined benefit to defined contribution arrangements, now more than ever it is vital to get communications right. With the addition of an aging population and an increased focus on individuals making the right pension choices, people need to be more educated and engaged with their pensions. Our focus groups have shown that to build trust and increase engagement levels organisations need to be clear, transparent, and honest in how they communicate personal and company finances.

Our team has specialists focused on sensitive pension and reward changes, who help deliver simple messaging, tailored and educational materials to increase employee understanding. We also believe it is important to be more creative with solutions, and have capabilities to build and develop various digital communications to drive and increase engagement.

Event driven communications – Deals, Crisis and Brexit

Clear and concise communication play a crucial role in the anticipation and reaction to external events which may affect your businesses. With ongoing uncertainty about the outcome and impacts of Brexit in the UK, organisations need to give confidence to their people and external stakeholders, and start to prepare for what happens next.

Preparation also extends to the strategic decision to prevent crisis and risk situations. In today’s socially connected world, company trust and reputation can be quickly eroded. We help clients to maintain trust and manage reputation by preparing for crises before they happen and ensuring responses to such events are agile, aligned and effective.

We also work with clients throughout mergers and acquisitions to help communicate the journey and impact at a company and employee level to ensure a smooth transition and that ways of working are understood and adopted post-deals.

How we can help

We work with clients to develop a compelling story and case for change, define a unique strategy and plan and ensure messages land with the right people, at the right time and in the right way. From initial planning, to content development, project management, delivery and measurement, we help drive engagement and change through communications. Whether it’s with key decision makers, employees, media, unions or Trustees, we work to ensure engaging and innovative communications are delivered effectively to meet business objectives.

We work with you to:

  • Develop a tailored strategy and plan focused on your business objectives
  • Work with you to build a case for change and compelling narrative to increase buy in
  • Engage and assess stakeholders through interviews and focus groups
  • Deploy impactful communications through multiple channels
  • Connect communications with your unique and distinct brand
  • Review and align communications content and messaging
  • Deliver multi-channel communications including digital tools; engagement apps, videos, websites and portals
  • Measure communications to track engagement and inform future communication strategies
  • Project management and establishing governance

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